(Reproduced from an appreciation mail sent by a satisfied guest. Names removed to protect privacy)

It was the first anniversary of my sister. I wanted to surprise them with a different kind of gift. I did not want to give a routine gift like a shopping voucher, a bouquet of flowers etc. After some research and brainstorming with friends, I decided to gift them a spa experience. I found the concept to be unique and novel. I was a little apprehensive though as my sister has never been to a spa earlier.

The trouble was that I was familiar with Bangalore spas but have not been to any of the spas in Gurgaon where my sister lives. I spoke to a couple of friends and looked up on the internet. I short-listed 3 spas in Gurgaon. In my interaction on phone and email, I found Blue Terra Spa to be the most professional and open to my requests for customization.

Since I wanted it to be a special moment for my sister and Jiju I planned the experience to good detail with Blue Terra folks. They offered to decorate the room especially for my sister, present them a bouquet of flowers and even gave them an anniversary gift!

My sister was elated with the experience, and even my usually reserved Jiju loved the experience and thanked me several times for introducing them to spa experience for the first time! I really want to thank the Blue Terra Team, especially the Manager and therapists who attended my sister and Jiju. My spa gift to them on their anniversary worked out really well,

Thanks to Blue Terra Spa.

Connaught Place, Delhi

DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon

Greater Kailash2, Delhi

Indirapuram, Ghaziabad

Punjabi Bagh, Delhi

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Sec 18, Noida

Sec 35C, Chandigarh

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