Why are my joints so stiff? What can I do?

Why are my joints so stiff? What can I do?

What is a JOINT?

A joint is a junction in our body, where 2 bones join together. Joints allow movement in human body. Without these joints we wouldn’t be able to sit, stand, nod, bent and so on. If these joints become stiff, we have great difficulty in our movement.

Stiff joint has become a very common problem for everyone, nowadays. Sometimes you may feel stiffness in your joint due to some disease that your body may be undergoing. You may also feel joint stiffness after staying in a position for a long time. There are a number of reasons behind joint stiffness.

Joint stiffness can also lead to pains in different body parts like back pain, knee pain, pain near your knees etc. There are many treatments and remedies that will help you to get rid of such health related issues. However, you should evaluate each of the available remedies and ensure that you chose the best one for you. This article has been written to provide you with some details about the reasons and cures for joint stiffness and other issues related with this.

Joint Pain

Stiffness in Joints

Before anything and everything, lets first figure out the causes of Joint Pain. Let’s understand why the joints become stiff and then work around the method to cure or how to get relief from joint pain and stiffness.

Why does joint stiffness occur?

Joint stiffness may occur due to some diseases or may be because of your sitting or sleeping habit. If you sit for a long time you may feel that your joints are stiff when you get up. You may also feel that your joints are stiff when you wake up. This may happen because you stay in a same position for a long time. Due to this the body fluid gets away from your joints even the blood flow gets reduced. Because of fewer amount of body fluids near the joints you feel the stiffness. This stiffness does not stay for long time. After few minutes you will get relief from such stiffness.

Your over weight may also give you joint pain and stiffness. This stiffness occurs due the continuous press of your weight on the joints. To cure such pain you should focus on your weight loss.

But there are also some diseases that cause joint stiffness. Following are some of the diseases that may cause Joint Stiffness-

  • Rheumatoid arthritis– this is a chronic inflammatory disease. This is an autoimmune disease, which means your body parts are attacked by your immune system. This may lead to deformity of joint and severe joint pain.


  • Osteoarthritis– this is the most common among all type of arthritis. In this type of arthritis the bones get damaged severely. You may find tear on the bones due to this disease. This causes swelling and also stiffness. The pain which it causes is unbearable. It can attack any of you body part like knees, fingers, neck, hips etc.


  • Lumps– this is a disease like rheumatoid arthritis. It attacks itself including the surrounding tissues, bones and joints. This disease is very difficult to identify. This is such a disease that is not curable. But the treatments can reduce the pain, stiffness or swelling.


  • Bursitis– Bursae are small fluid sacs that are already present in your body. These are situated near the joints. When these fluid sacs get inflamed then it is called bursitis. This disease causes stiffness around the joints. This can attack any joint of your body. It mostly attacks the knee or elbow joint.


  • Gout– This is a disease that happens suddenly. It may attack you when you are sleeping. This gives you sudden stiffness in your joints. This also causes pain near the joints.


  • Bone cancer– joint stiffness or joint pain does not occur mostly due to bone cancer. But it may cause swelling and stiffness in your joints and it also bring pain to your joints.

These are some of the reasons due to which you may feel joint stiffness. Let’s now try to understand some of the methods to get rid of such health issues.

Remedies for Joint Pain

Following are some remedies mentioned-

  • Hot and cold compress– Before you go for the medicinal treatment of this problem you may try some home remedies like hot and cold compress. You may apply cold compress with some ice in a bag and apply that on the joint that is paining. You can do it several times throughout the day. But apply it continuously for 15 to 20 minutes. You can also do the same for hot compress. Put some hot water in a bag and give the temperature on the joints. You can apply both hot and cold compress or you may apply any of these two. It may depend on the amount of relief that you would get with them.


Hot and Cold Compress

  • Medicine– You can find a number of medicines that claim to reduce the pain which may occur due to any of the above mentioned diseases. However, no medicine can totally cure such diseases. PRECAUTION: Before you consume any of these medicines you should consult a doctor. A wrong medicine can have many side effects.


  • Ayurvedic treatment– Ayurveda has treatment for every disease. This is the most ancient form of treatment. The ayurvedic medicines are made up of 100% natural ingredients so that they do not cause any harm or side effects. There are also some essential oils that are used to cure such problem. Ayurvedic treatment for joint pain or ayurvedic treatment for back pain is very famous amongst all. Ayurvedic treatment is quite popular all over India. These treatments are done with the plants and ingredients derived from nature.


  • Exercise– This is one of the best method to cure such kind of pain. MOTION IS THE BEST LOTION. Since the ancient time yoga has been practiced since to stay fit. Yoga also helps to cure such disease. Yoga is all about controlled breathing and releasing oxygen to various body parts. You can also do other exercises to get rid of joint pain. But it is more preferable to do yoga to get some relief from joint pain or back pain. If you do yoga throughout your life span, you will be able to prevent many diseases and you will also get rid of some diseases.


These are some of the many remedies that are available for any kind of Joint Pain. It’s however recommended to consult a medical practitioner for the correct diagnosis. Once you are aware of the kind of pain you are suffering from, you could choose from the available treatments and remedies. But remember, keep moving and keep walking. Keep those joints in motion to avoid discomfort.

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