Various Overlooked Remedies for Lower Back Pain Relief

Various Overlooked Remedies for Lower Back Pain Relief

Lower back pain is a common problem, especially with sedentary workers. It is a leading cause of pain, discomfort, and disability. The pain could prevent you from doing your work efficiently and/or leading a normal social life. The usual treatment is medication including painkillers. In some cases, surgery is advised. The best treatment comes after a process of trial and error. Some people benefit from conventional remedies while some do not. We look at some overlooked remedies which are different but are potent.

  • Yoga

This ancient Indian practice can work wonders. Unlike gymnasiums and athletics Yoga does not put a strain on your body. It is suitable for everybody regardless of age. You are required to do exercises as per your capability. Done regularly Yoga strengthens your spine as well as back muscles.Yoga for Lower Back Pain

  • Ayurveda

This is an age-old Indian system of medicine. Ayurvedic medicines do not have as much side effects as allopathic medicine. It is safe and can be highly effective for patients with lower back pain. Ayurvedic treatment for back pain is worth giving a try.

  • Potli massage therapy

This is popularly practiced in India as well as South East Asia. Here heated herbal pouches termed potlis are employed to treat the affected regions. It is a kind of massage while heals as well as refreshes. Fresh as well as dried Ayurvedic herbs are selected for the potlis as per an individual’s Ayurvedic constitution and the underlying issue. This massage comes in 2 types namely wet and dry. Many have benefited immensely from Potli massage for back pain.

  • Body Massages

Most of us love body massages. The good news is that it helps relieve the painful symptoms of lower back pain. Make sure that the person doing the massage is qualified as well as experienced. Done incorrectly massages can make the condition worse. Massages promote blood flow to the affected area and remove the stiffness that contributes to lower back pain.

Lower Back Pain

  • Hot and cold treatment on the affected area

Remember to start with the cold treatment and not the hot treatment. You could use ice for the cold treatment. The latter brings down inflammation in the affected area. It plays the role of a local anesthetic by working on the nerve impulses. It is recommended to keep the cold or hot pack for 20 minutes and not more. This gives the lower back muscles and nerves time to recover. Heat application boosts blood circulation. The healing nutrients present in the blood brings down the intensity of the pain. Also, the pain signals are blocked from reaching the brain. There are various types of heat application. It’s advised to try different methods to discover what is best for your body. It could be a hot water bottle, a hot bath, a hot shower, a hot tub or a hot belt. It is best to alternate hot and cold treatments.

  • Indulge in activities that release endorphins in the body

The body produces certain hormones known as endorphins. Few know that the latter is as powerful as the best of painkillers. Endorphins stop pain signals manifesting in the human brain. The former reduces depression, tension, anxiety, and stress which are the result of or a trigger for chronic back pain.

The hormones are released when you indulge in exercise, take massages, meditate or do aromatherapy. Best of all the treatment is easy on the pocket, safe and without adverse side effects.


  • Lose weight

Obesity is both a cause and result of lower back pain. Obese folk has extra pressure on their spine which results in back pain. When you are in pain you will feel like lying down and refrain from exercising. Lack of exercise weakens the back muscles and piles up the pounds. This is a vicious cycle. Hence do light exercises such as walking or yoga to lose weight which in turn reduces the pressure on the spine.

  • Acupuncture

This Chinese system of medicine has many benefits including alleviating the symptoms and causes of lower back pain. It’s been around for thousands of years and in expert hands safe without associated side effects. Make sure you use the services of a reputed as well as a quality practitioner.

  • Wear sturdy footwear

Avoid high heels. They are a major cause of lower back pain. Invest in robust, high quality indoor as well as outdoor footwear. The latter will support some of your weight resulting in less burden on your back.

  • Sleep well

Sleep rejuvenates and repairs the body. So, if you suffer from lower back pain make sure you are well rested. Both the quality and quantity of sleep matters. Invest in a good quality bed that supports your back while sleeping.

  • Maintain correct posture

Incorrect posture is a leading cause of lower back pain. Many of us don’t maintain the correct posture. Use chairs that are designed to properly support your back. Bad habits are hard to break and that applies to poor posture as well. With constant practice and a bit of willpower, you will soon get into the healthy habit of sitting, standing and walking while maintaining an upright as well as correct posture.

Body Posture

  • Take breaks

Avoid working continuously for a long stretch. This tip is particularly targeted towards those of us who have largely sedentary jobs. Get up, stretch your muscles or go for a short stroll. You will be amazing at the difference what a small step like this will make.

  • Mind training

You can train your mind to ignore or reduce pain signals. Distracting your mind, hypnosis and visualization technique are some of the tools you can employ to reduce the intensity of pain.

  • Indulge yourself

Do something that you enjoy will take your attention away from the constant pain. Listen to your favorite music, eat your preferred food, call up old friends or do anything that you perceive as enjoyable.

  • The power of positive thinking

The road to get rid of lower back pain may be long and tough. Negative thoughts may prevent you from not trying resulting in certain failure. Focus on the positives and move on. Let not negative people and memories of past failures discourage you. Only if you try will you succeed.

power of positive thinking

  • Join a peer group

Remember you are not alone. It is good to get support and encouragement from others who are in the same boat. Talking about your pain will definitely take a burden off your mind. The presence of others with similar issues will surely motivate you. Others may have the solution to your specific problems.


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