Stress Management

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Stress Management

Spa is universally known as stress busters. Not all stress is bad but when there is never any relief from stress, sustained fight or flight responses can problems. Constant nagging stress could cause problems and behavior changes like:

  1. Headaches or sleep problems
  2. Elevated blood pressure/anxiety
  3. Angry outbursts/social withdrawal
  4. Over or under eating
  5. Muscle tension or pain

Almost any symptom listed by American Psychological association can benefit from Massage Therapy. Stress relief is one of the first benefits of massage therapy. Research has shown that massage can lower your heart rate and blood pressure, relax your muscles and increase production of endorphins – natural feel good chemical. Serotinin and dopamine are also released through massage and result is feeling of calm relaxation that makes chronic or short term stress much easier to overcome.

Studies have shown that a hour massage therapy an reduce stress upto 25%. Our Spa doctors have combined the best of Ayurveda and international Spa therapies to provide effective destress therapies.

Therefore, don’t wait for Stress symptoms (listed above) to become worse. Come yourself or gift to loved ones any of the therapies listed on the right to feel good and wonderful – all over again…Read more on How can Ayurveda help with Stress Management


Using Ayurvedic principles, at Blue Terra wellness, we have evolved combination of Ayurvedic treatments and contemporary massages to develop various stress relieving therapies like Relax Mind & Body, Shirodhara etc. These therapies fundamentally work to balance the Doshas in the body (Ayurvedic word for body nature). Aggravated Dosha causes the Stress which manifests in Anxiety, Hypertension, Sleep Disorder & Fatigue. In-house doctors do diagnosis of various cases on need basis and prescribe therapies & medicines for relief from stress. Cases that could get benefitted from Stress Management therapies are

Stress Management

Almost all Spa therapies have a wonderful effect on Stress and provide significant relief from stress. However, Stress is very elastic and tends to bounce back. Therefore, it is important to be mindful of this and make Spa a regular part of your routine apart from other lifestyle changes. Few therapies that are particularly effective to provide relief from stress are Shirodhara (Pouring of oil on forehead) and RMB (Relaxation of Mind & Body)


Anxiety is one of the most common manifestations of Stress. A calm mind and relaxed body is an antidote to anxiety. Nothing better than Spa therapies like Shirodhara and Abhyangam to soothe mind and body. As per clinical observation, Pulse rate stabilizes and settles down within 20-30 min of Spa therapy. Important is to keep is table once we exit the Spa and enter hustle bustle of the stress of regular life. Learn more about anxiety.

Fighting Depression? Ayurveda could be the Solution!


We do feel physical fatigue but very often we don’t realize the mental fatigue and adverse impact it has on our health. Spa and Body massages are the biggest enemy of mental as well as physical fatigue. Some of the therapies that works best on Fatigue are Balinese Therapy and RMB Therapy.

Why do i feel tired and how to become more active

Sleep Disorder

Anxiety, Stress, too much activity in brain are cause of Sleep Disorder. What is important is to relax the mind and prevent it from wandering to different thoughts at the same time. Nothing works better than Shirodhara. Shirodhara with medicated warm Ayurvedic oil helps to improve concentration, focus the mind and provide relief from sleep disorder.

Read more….How Massage could help to sleep better!!

Shirodhara means continuous pouring of medicated herbal oil on the center of the forehead or what is called the Third Eye. Considered the seat of intuition according to Hindu mythology, the release of energy flow to this area reduces stress, increases concentration and sharpens the mind.


Duration: 45 min. | Price: Rs. 2950/3100

Favorite of Spa doctors and most popular amongst our guests is combination of Abhyangam & Shirodhara. Ayurvedic full body massage with Ayurvedic oil is followed by Shirodhara on forehead. This treatment not only addresses muscular pain or stiffness but also addresses mental stress and helps to improve concentration, reduce sleep disorders, reduce anxiety etc.


Duration: 90 min. | Price: Rs. 4700/5000

Stress manifests into body and muscular pains. Next time you experience body pains or stiffness without any reason, it could be Stress! Kizhi (Potli) is most tried and tested for pain alleviation. Potli means cloth bag. During this treatment, medicinal boluses contained in a potli are externally applied on affected body part. It helps balance body dosha (esp vata) – thus helps problems like backaches, sciatica, arthritic problems & different muscular pains. Depending on individual requirement, Navara Kizhi (application of cooked rice in milk), Podi Kizhi (application of medicated powder), Ela Kizhi (application of herbal leaves) is done.


Duration: 45 min. | Price: Rs. 2950/3100

A holistic experience, used by Egyptians in their daily lives 3000 years before Christ, is based on the application of carefully blended essential oils in a nourishing vegetable base using lymphatic and pressure point massage techniques to maintain and promote physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being. Choose from the healing properties of oil to suit your condition – relaxing, uplifting, detoxifying and attraction oil to intensify the therapeutic effects of this massage.


Duration: 45 min. | Price: Rs. 2,400/2,600

Strongly recommended incase of body pains/stiffness and mental stress. One treatment addresses both relaxes body and rejuvenates mind. Balinese massage is a full body deep tissue holistic treatment that combines acupressure, reflexology, stretching and aromatherapy to stimulate circulation, ease muscular/ joint pain and help in sports injuries and migraine.


Duration: 75/90 min. | Price: Rs. 2950/4000*

*Indicative prices. May vary with location.


Here is a list of key causes that lead to stress.

Imbalance among Doshas

According to Ayurveda, the root cause of all problems is vitiated dosha in body. Any imbalance in doshas causes problems.

Financial issue

We all come across financial problem in our day to day life,and its is the main cause for high stress level.

Sudden change in Lifestyle

Few people get more stress when there is major changes in their lifestyle due to job change or because of illness

Family issue

This is the major cause for stress, problem between couple ,loss of loved one are few reasons for stress


Illness like psoriasis, Rheumatoid arthritis ,migraine etc increase the level of stress in patient .

Pressure at work place or study

Pressure at work place to maintain job/ complete targets/ competition in studies .


There are so many associated symptoms with stress here is a list of common ones.


Mood swing/anger


Improper sleep


Poor digestion


Lack of concentration





Specialised Stress Treatment

At Blue Terra, we have answers to all your stress related problems. We offer practical solutions that are effective and
results-driven.In our treatments we use natural products that are better for your health.
Our specialists give you the best care.

If you are looking to get relief from any of the following problems, you can consult us any time.




Lake of concentration

Treatment & Therapies

At Blue Terra Clinic, we ensure that you get authentic and wholesome treatment to cure the problem from its roots. We do not intend to just provide you symptomatic relief. Our team of trained and experienced doctors and staff will help you heal in a proper way.


Read these success stories of people who have experienced tremendous improvement in their condition.

  • I work in an office and work load is too much there as we are a start up, initially i used to get disturb sleep,mild headache then slowly i lost my appetite as well.Then during my visit at Blue Terra doctor told me that its all happening because of high stress level ,so he suggested me some yoga exercise and shirodhara treatment once in a week.I was able to feel difference after one time therapy,it was a great experience.
    Office work
  • Stress is the one thing you can not erase so you have to accept it as it is but you can control it , i used to take so much stress before and that really made my life worse.Then after reading a lot about it i started doing yoga and other exercise along with one in a while i take body massage, now i feel fresh and i am able to manage my stress level.

    Recommendation- Abhayangam + shirodhara at Blue Terra



All diseases can be prevented with adequate care and attention.
Here are a few practices that will help you avoid eye problems and ensure good vision for long.

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