Bad Habits That Cause Back Pain

Bad Habits That Cause Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most chronic and common discomforts experienced by most of the people worldwide. A huge number of people have suffered from back pain at least once in a lifetime. Although back pain is not a serious health issue, it is uncomfortable and painful. It reduces your energy and increases the frequency of visiting doctor. Though we often experience a back pain, we cannot specify the actual reason for its occurrence. It may cause due to a bad sitting posture, it may associate with the muscles, bones or ligaments and a defective lumbar spine also can cause severe back pain. Back Pain Posture is one of the most common reasons nowadays because people work for long sitting in front of a desktop or a laptop.

Causes of Back Pain

Common causes of back pain:

  • Muscle or ligament strain: heavy lifting or abrupt awkward movement can strain your spine or back muscle. In a certain physical condition, a continuous strain on the back can be a reason of painful muscle spasms.

  • Bulging or ruptured disk: disks are the cushions placed between the vertebrae in the spine. The flexible material placed inside a disk may rupture, bulge or press a certain nerve. Disk diseases or slip disk is a serious cause of back pain and that too a chronic pain.

  • Arthritis and osteoporosis: osteoarthritis can affect your lower back bones and spine. It causes narrowing the space between the bones and spinal cord and that causes severe chronic back pain. Sometimes due to porous or fragile bones, vertebrae can develop density fracture.

  • Traveling: sitting for long in the flights or trains and walking for long carrying an overloaded backpack can cause Back Pain due to traveling.

  • Daily activities: We don’t maintain the right posture of sitting during our work. Also, we don’t follow the correct rule in order to plan our sitting arrangements. A straight back hard surfaced chair is always preferable to avoid back pain causes due to the wrong sitting posture.

Back Pain

Remedies for back pain:

You must be wondering how to get rid of a chronic back pain? Is it ever possible to achieve a complete recovery from the back pain? Choosing the right treatment for Back Pain is quite difficult. Now, we will discuss all of the fruitful remedies of back pain. You can overcome most of the back pain symptoms by following proper home remedies. But in some serious cases, you may have to consult with your doctor or may have to consider surgeries. Depending on the severance you have to decide the type of treatment.

Medications: Some popular pain reliever may get you relief from back pain. But you should take them according to your doctor’s instruction. Otherwise, harmful side effects may happen.

Exercise and Physical Therapy: exercise is the best remedy to treat back pain. Regular exercise can strengthen your abdominal and back muscles, increases flexibility and improves posture. Physical therapy is another keystone of back pain treatment. A therapist will apply various treatments including ultrasound, heat, electric stimulator and other muscle relaxing techniques.

Excercise and Physical Therapy

Acupuncture: this is the procedure to insert sterilized needle inside your skin at some specific points. Appropriate acupuncture can relieve you from the lower back pain.

Yoga: Specific types of yoga including breathing exercises, practicing certain poses and postures, some popular muscle and mind relaxation techniques can help you to get rid of the chronic back pain. Yoga is a therapy where we learn to strengthen and stretch our muscles. Specifically, yoga is the best way to reduce the intensity of pain that causes due to the back Pain Stretches.

 Is massage effective in order to reduce back pain?

Massage therapy is often really effective in order to reduce back pain. But you have to ensure that it causes due to the muscle tenacity or over-exhausted muscles.

A regular basis massage therapy might help you to improve the health condition. Basically, massage for Back Pain is one of the most popular therapies that help lots of people with varieties of spinal conditions such as:

  • Muscle tension
  • Ache
  • Inflammation
  • Stiffness
  • Muscle spasms
  • Pain

Using certain specialized tools or simply by using the hands, massage therapists rub, stroke and knead your back and thus it helps to increase the blood circulation throughout your body. It helps the affected muscles to gain more oxygen and nutrients and then eliminates toxins. Finally, you get relieved from back pain.

How does potli massage reduce back pain?

Potli massage is a famous therapy from Ayurveda for back pain relief. Wondering how this potli massage therapy works for your body actually? Potli massage for Back Pain works best for back pain occurred due to the diseases such as spondylitis or osteoarthritis.

It is done using some specific heated herbals in a pouch or potli. Then it is dipped into the warm herbal and medicated oil. It rejuvenates, nourishes and relaxes the affected area by massaging the potli on your entire back. You will experience a therapeutic effect while placing the potli on your back. It heals your pain and relaxes the muscles. You will feel refreshed after taking a potli massage.

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