How Ayurveda helps in fighting constipation

How Ayurveda helps in fighting constipation

When you are unable to pass stools, find it difficult to pass stools or have an infrequent bowel movement the condition is called constipation. The latter is caused by bad diet, voluntary delay of the bowel movements, lack of exercise, medications, stress, tension, dehydration, disruption in routine due to travel and other factors. Some diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome also bring about constipation. Did you know that it is fairly common nowadays? Doctors prescribe laxatives but these work only for a short time. You will find that you need to take more and more dosage of the laxative to pass stools. In some time, without the laxative motions will not happen. Clearly, a better and safer solution is required. Fortunately, the ancient Indian system of medicine popularly known as Ayurveda can help. We look at ways at how constipation can be prevented, treated and cured using Ayurvedic techniques.

Consume warm lemon water- Lemon juice is excellent for curing constipation as it has a stimulating effect on the digestive system. When it is combined with water it flushes out toxins from the body. When a small quantity of honey is added to the mixture it acts as a mild laxative. A useful tip is to replace honey with salt as it increases the contraction of the bowel muscles as well as is a good source of magnesium.

Consume lots of fluids especially water – Water has a hydrating effect on the body. Drink plain water, unsweetened beverages as well as foods containing water to meet your body’s daily requirement of water. The latter aids the food to move along the digestive system. Stools are prone to be hard as well difficult to pass in the absence of enough water. Avoid artificially sweetened beverages as they have a negative effect on constipation.

Consume Psyllium husk – This is a natural reservoir of insoluble as well as soluble fibre. It plays the role of a potent bulking agent as well as a demulcent in the colon encouraging regular and healthy stools. You can soak the husks in warm milk or warm water as per your preference. Adequate hydration should accompany the administering of this Ayurvedic treatment. Consult a qualified and experienced Ayurvedic expert before embarking on this treatment as there exist other considerations which should be taken into account.

Castor oil- This is a home remedy for constipation playing the role of a natural laxative. One of the constituents of this oil helps in stimulating the small as well as the large intestine. Take 1-2 teaspoons of oil while on an empty stomach. You can expect motions within roughly 8 hours.

Mint or ginger tea- Ginger is a herb with warming properties. When consumed in the form of tea it encourages the body to general more internal heat. As a result, the digestion process is activated alleviating constipation. Peppermint contains menthol. The latter has antispasmodic properties that aid in relaxing the muscles of the digestive tract as well as enable easier passing of the stools. For your knowledge Dandelion tea is a potent and natural laxative.

Have a fibre rich diet- A poor diet is a major contributor to constipation. Fibre results in a feeling of satiety as well as add bulk to the stool making it relatively easier to pass. An individual should ideally consume 20-40 grams of fibre daily. If the constipation is chronic in nature you will need a bit extra fibre in your diet.

Warm bath

Add baking soda to warm water. Both these ingredients aid in relaxing the muscular valves responsible for keeping stools inside the rectum making it easier to pass stools.

Herbal remedies –Prepare herbal tea employing yellow dock root, liquorice, dandelion root as well as ginger. Have this tea thrice daily. A tip is to consume 3 garlic tablets at night for 7 days. This will help rebalance intestinal flora.

dandelion root

Exercise- People have a tendency to lie down or sleep after meals. Instead, go out for a short walk after consuming food. There are yogic postures which are effective in reversing constipation.  Consult a reputed and experienced yoga teacher for knowing how to do the asanas, when to do them and for how much duration. Exercise, in general, has a favourable effect in treating constipation. If your health, situation or age doesn’t permit vigorous exercise you can try Yoga as the latter doesn’t tax the body as much.

As per the science of Ayurveda constipation takes place when the vata’s dry and cold qualities disturb the colon preventing it from functioning properly. The solution is to include hydration, warmth as well as oil to the system which will neutralize the excess vata.

Consume Ayurvedic herbs which target the Vata

Triphala is popular as well as age-old Ayurvedic concoction made up of three herbs. It balances all the three doshas and restores the power of the colon. It is designed to facilitate healthy elimination of wastes from the body. Consume a couple of Triphala tablets along with a glass of warm water about half an hour before sleeping in the night. Alternatively, put a teaspoon of Triphala powder in a cup of boiled water. Then wait for 10 minutes and drink the mixture.

If you have used this Ayurvedic herb in the past and if the results fell short of expectations try consuming a bigger dose to find out if it makes a difference. Every unique constitution, imbalance, as well as other factors, necessitates a different dose of herbs. Different folk with similar symptoms may need different doses to achieve the same results.

There are Ayurvedic massages that use Ayurvedic herbs and oils to promote blood circulation, destress the body, relax the mind, eliminate the stress that is proven to prevent, treat and cure constipation.

‘Abhyangam’ is the Sanskrit word for oil application. It is a form of Ayurvedic treatment in which your body is massaged using dosha-specific warm herb-infused oils. The oil is mixed with herbs depending upon the condition and then applied on the body. It is a traditional full body massage that combines use of herbs, oils, touch and friction. Abhyangam improves physical consistency, sleep patterns, liquefy toxins, and induces relaxation while eliminating impurities.

Spas may help you to relax and destress while warming up the body. This encourages regular bowel movements as well as the correction of externally induced constipation.

Consult your doctor before consuming Ayurvedic herbs particularly if you are on medication, pregnant or breastfeeding or suffering from a chronic ailment.

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