How Ayurvedic Dosha Impact Your Life & How Could Ayurvedic Massage Evoke It

How Ayurvedic Dosha Impact Your Life & How Could Ayurvedic Massage Evoke It

Ayurveda is synonymous to NATURE and its five primordial elements like EARTH, WATER, FIRE, AIR & SPACE. These elements govern the human body and as a combination is called DOSHA. The balance of three different Dosha constitute health, personality and behaviour of a human being. Therefore, Nature is in the best position to treat Dosha Imbalance rather than any drugs or medicines.

Massage therapy not only provide symptomatic relief to body pains but it can provide permanent cure as well. Our Veda provides many such insights which proclaims that our body has its own mechanism to recover from malady when right pressure point is triggered through massage. Supported by Ayurvedic medicinal herbs and plant extracts we can keep ourselves healthy, refreshed, energetic and even reduce the ageing and its related disorders.

What are three DOSHA and how is it related to your body parts & its wellbeing

Three DOSHA are:

  1. Vata – Regulates Movement
  2. Pitta – Regulates Metabolism
  3. Kapha – Regulates nourishment & lubrication

Ayurvedic dosha are three main bodily bio-elements that make a human body. Whenever their is imbalance in dosha, it results in some or other illness which could be in form of body pains or upset stomach or even cardiovascular diseases or life threatening diseases like cancer.  Diet, season, times, work habit, pollution and many other factors can cause the asynchrony. The authoritative Ayurveda focuses on treating this imbalance.

Abhyangam by Blue Terra to balance Dosha

Abhyangam means “Oil Application” in Sanskrit. Ayurveda considers the skin as the largest organ of the body. Hence Ayurvedic oil massage or therapy is nomenclature as Abhyangam.


At Blue Terra Ayurvedic Clinic & Spa you may consult an Ayurvedic physician, who examines your Dosha predominance or disorders or disease related to it and accordingly advice the stream of Abhyangam. It retreats your Dosha naturally and keeps away ageing at bay, helps in healthy glowing complexion, treats diseases, detoxifies, enhances physical consistency, induces relaxation and intensifies sleeping pattern.

Ayurvedic Massage

A trained therapist can best deliver the benefits associated with Abhyangam. Abhyangam consists of long massage strokes. Massage stroke originate from foot and ends at shoulder or palm of hand. Blue Terra being a one-stop Ayurvedic Spa assures best quality service delivered by experts. The well-equipped setup, luxury room, ambience and service accomplishes the heavenly experience that you are awaiting for.

Know more about Doshas

Abhyangam is all about touch and friction on right part of body or organ related to the disorder. So before we know Ayurvedic therapies for wellbeing, let’s discuss 3 variant of Dosha, their control over respective body parts and accompanying body function.

Scroll down to know more about an array of Blue Terra therapy to cure or ease ailments and pains that medicines could have never done before.

5 Types of Each 3 Dosha Controlling Our Body
Vata Pitta Kapha
Prana VataGoverns Senses. Located – Brain, head, heart, Neck, Respiratory Organs. E.g – Inhalation, perception. Disorder – Asthama Pachaka PittaGoverns digestion. Located in Stomach. E.g – Metabolizes the food. Derive nutrients and disposes out waste materials. Kledaka KaphaGoverns Food breaking for digestion. Located – Upper abdomen. E.g – Initial stage of digestion.
Udana Vata – Governs expression & speech. Located – Throat, Lung, and Navel. E.g – Strength, enthusiasm, vitality. Ranjaka Pitta  Governs Red blood cell formation. Located in Liver, gallbladder & spleen. E.g – responsible for color of stool and blood. Avalambhaka Kapha Governs lubrication process of heart & lungs. Located in – Chest, lung and heart. E.g – Strength & easy movement of heart, chest and back.
Samana Vata – Governs Digestive system & its peristaltic movement. Located – Stomach. Alochaka Pitta Governs eye sight or visual perceptions. Located – Eyes Tarpaka KaphaGoverns feelings. It nourishes sense and motor organs.   Located – Head, cerebra-spinal fluid & sinuses. E.g – Calmness, happiness, stability.
Apana VataGoverns lower abdominal impulses. Located – Naval & Anus. E.g – Urination, menstruation, sexual discharge. Sadhaka Pitta  – Governs emotion. Located- Heart. E.g – thought, anger, contentment, memory, intelligence. Bodhaka Kapha  – Governs Taste perception. Location – Lounge, throat and mouth.
Vyana Vata – Governs circulation. Located – Heart. E.g – heart rhythm, locomotion, travelling through body. Bharajaka PittaGoverns skin health. Located – Under skin. E.g – complexion, glamour/luster, pigmentation. Shleshaka Kapha – Governs Joint lubrication. Located in joints. E.G – Easy movement and using joints.

Role of Abhyangam in sharpening your Mind & balancing Dosha

Abhyangam is an Ayurvedic massage ritual where the full body is massaged and treated with Ayurvedic oil rich in herb extracts. Blue Terra experts with a holistic approach relax your stressed body by balancing Dosha. Simultaneously Shirodhara is a special healing therapy where Ayurvedic oil is continuously poured on our Third Eye or centre of the forehead. It relaxes stress, sharpens memory and enhances concentration.

Pizhichil for Shleshaka Kapha

For strengthening immunity, joint lubrication, liquefying toxins and enhance flexibility, Pizhichil is an effective way of Ayurvedic treatment by Blue Terra. Lukewarm oil is poured on entire body with light pressure in a slow and rhythmic way. It stimulates Shleshaka Kapha for easy locomotion.

Akshitarpanam for Alochaka Pitta

This is for purification of eyes and detoxifying as well.

Ayurvedic medicated ghee is retained in the eye through a unique technique followed by some gentle eye massage. It cures many visual perception disorders and other retinal disorder.

Udwarthanam as Slimming and Body toning therapy

Herbal powders are deep massaged to stimulate hair follicles and helps to break down excess fat.

It firms the muscles, does skin toning and mobilizes toxins. Along with Udwarthanam massage, Oil massage is done with firm hands with Triphaladi Anti cellulite and Slimming Oil. Triphaladi Slimming and anti cellulite oil contains 8 Ayurvedic herbs that helps to burn down cellulite and results in body toning.

Potli massage inspired by ancient Ayurvedic treatment procedure

Potli massage is also synonymous to Kizhi. In a firm cotton fabric, medicinal herbs or boluses are tied and the oil dipped potli is massaged over the affected area of the body. The ingredients inside Potli vary from patients to patients based on the chronicity of pain. It is mainly done for treating pain and joint disorders. It helps to balance Vata Dosha. It also relieves pain like sciatica, muscular pain, arthritis and effectively backache.

Potli massage

An array of Potli massage or Kizhi provided by Blue Terra are:-

  • Navara Kizhi – In this method cooked rice is applied with milk. It is an Ayurvedic healing procedure and effective in joint pain relief.
  • Podi Khizi – Dry medicated powder or Churna from herbal grinding is made as bolus inside potli and applied rhythmically.
  • Ela Kizhi – In this method herbal leaves are applied inside bolus.

Basti in pain relieving 

Another effective method for pain relieving is Basti.

Basti in pain relieving

With paste of black gram and flour, a circular depression is made around paraspinal area. Then warmed oil is continuously poured out into that depression. It alleviates pain by soothing muscular tissue.

  • Griva Basti for Cervical Pain
  • Kati Basti for lower back pain
  • Janu Basti for Knee pain.

Detox & Destress Treatment

It is a combination window package for Abhyangam, Shirodhara and any of the other ritual for Ayurvedic healing formulae is synchronized with the universal law of preserving health.

For Hedonistic Aroma refreshness

This is a special Abhyangam therapy done with Balalakshadi oil of 9 vital herbs that refreshes body and mind with the hedonistic aroma.

Stay Happy & Healthy with Nature & Ayurveda!!

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