How does stress affect body and ways to avoid it

How does stress affect body and ways to avoid it

How does stress affect body and ways to avoid it

Stress causes Physical change

Stress causes Physical changes

One may ignore everything but when it comes to stress, the power of ignorance can never show any such dominance over life. Stress is bound to happen and there is no way to stop it. Every person in this world has stress due to various reasons. Some believe that stress is nothing other than a mere anxiety but actually this is a scientific terminology where the body cannot react further to other actions.

Now, stress is something very difficult to define. Different people react differently to stress.  Sometimes it affects a person from inside and ruins him but on the contrary it also helps an individual to gain something very important.  In a nutshell, it can be said that the process of stress at first is invariant and secondly it will affect every normal human being who can feel even bit of agony in life.  Stress occurs specially to those people who are very active in life


There can be millions of reasons for stress to take place in human life. It is very difficult to categorize the varieties.  Yet, some common ones are:

Work stress

Stress at Work

Stress at Work

  • Unhappy with work – This is the most common thing which causes stress. Sometimes people are not really happy with their work. Such issues create a lot of mental stress.  Due to this people undergo a lot of stress which in turn creates a huge pressure both on the mind and the body.
  • Too much responsibility at work- Too much responsibility at work creates tension which leads to stress.  People who hold a better post in an organization goes under a lot of stress due to work pressure.
  • Discrimination at work place– This is indeed one of the biggest factor that leads to stress. Facing discrimination due to caste, creed, gender and race at work causes a huge trouble for a person. It often happens that people go insane due to unavoidable stress.

Life stress

Stress at Home

  • Stress at homeEmotional problem- There can be various emotional problems which a person may face at one point of time like fear, hatred, anxiety etc.  These can actually make life stressful.  People often go crazy under such situations in life and slowly the stress creeps in. These situations can make a person mentally weak. There is no such quick recovery process in such situations. Traumatic event- Events like natural disaster, theft, violence can actually create a lot of stress. These incidents are so harsh and violent that it becomes difficult to get over them.                           

Well, these are just few causes of stress which are quite natural and could happen with majority of the people.  A research study shows that people feel the stress when they get involved into any sort of action like anger, violence.  Stress is something which people imbibe at times and this is absolutely an unnecessary burden which gets carried without any proper healing process.

How can stress harm your physical structure?

Stress impact Mind and Body

Stress could impact Mind as well as Body

  • The Central Nervous System (CNS) gets affected– The CNS often gets affected due to excess stress and it is unable to behave in a normal way. Slowly it takes a toll on body and may even lead to non-functioning of the brain.
  • Digestive system– The entire digestive system of the body suffers due to stress. The rush of various hormones, fast breathing and increase in heart rate hampers the entire digestion process, leading to problems like acidity and constipation.
  • Immune system– Stress can also affect the immune system leading to poor immunity.  As a result, people may get affected by various diseases like viral fever, influenza, etc.  The immunity power of the body is curbed down by stress.

People may get affected by stress due to uncountable reasons but they are sometimes completely unaware about how to get rid of such horrible stress problems. However, there are solutions to every problem. Stress can be tackled and worked upon, just like any other medical and psychological issue.

Here are few handy points to deal with stress:

Massage- A massage can be one of the best ways to cope up with stress.


Destress Massage

Relief from Stress with Body Massage

A de-stress massage could take a couple of hours but eventually the person recovers and feels refreshed and relaxed after the session. To undergo a massage therapy one can visit a spa.

In the recent years, Spa is the only destination where the entire body undergoes a healing process. Massage is altogether an art. If done properly then nothing can beat its productivity.  Sometimes it works better than pills.  In order to reduce stress, it is very important to relax the mind at first and then the body.  If you are really suffering from unnatural stress, then you should undergo a  body spa.  Remember, there is no alternative to natural therapy, like massage, in order to get rid of stress and tension.  Visit a spa and unwind with a massage.


Stress relief with Ayurvedic Massage

Shirodhara for Stress Relief

This is a traditional, proven Ayurveda therapy for total relaxation. In this therapy,  ayurvedic oil, infused with herbs, is poured on the forehead.  Apart from relaxation and rejuvenation, Shirodhara is helpful in treating other ailments like sinusitis and headaches. People often undergo this therapy in order to rejuvenate themselves.


It often happens that due to stress people get depression and sleeping disorder.  This can actually make a person go insane after a certain point of time.  Anti- depressant drugs help people to get rid of such disorder.   A doctor or a psychiatrist may prescribe it, depending on the patient’s mental health. These medicines should never be consumed, unless prescribed by a registered practitioner.

There are few other products available in the market to handle Stress on the move. One of effective way to handle Stress could be to apply

Vishranti Destress and Migraine Roll-on on forehead

Vishranti Destress and Migraine Roll-on helps to destress and provide relief on the go to carry on with daily chores.

There are numerous other ways to deal with stress but a good massage or a Shirodhara may give instant result. These are hence considered one of the best and beneficial ways to get rid of stress. Any kind of stress, be it emotional stress or work stress, can be dealt in a perfect way with these.

People  believe that natural remedies  are the best way to deal with stress. Some of the natural ways are meditation, exercise etc.  There are other ways to deal with stress but they may have a delayed result and till then the level of stress may go up and create further disorder. It is therefore recommended to take the help of a relaxing massage or some other kind of natural therapy, with instant result.

Stress is an anecdote of life. Every individual belonging to any status undergoes a certain amount of stress.  If you are suffering from any sort of stress then don’t delay it. Find a perfect spa for massage or get involved into some other healing process. Life is indeed a beautiful object; don’t try to ruin it with stress.


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