Introducing Vibration Massage Therapy for Back Pain

Introducing Vibration Massage Therapy for Back Pain

Massage Therapy for Back Pain and Joint Pain

13th May G5 Blog

Oh No, what did I do yesterday? This is the thought that races through your mind when you get up in the morning with pain in neck, shoulder or back? You replay your entire previous day to identify that moment of indiscretion when you did not treat your body with due respect. Was it wrong posture, or was it long drive, or was it high heel? You also dread the oncoming day as you will have to battle a stiff back or neck throughout the day. Is there a good massage therapy for back pain?

Don’t worry. At Blue Terra Wellness Spa we are constantly looking for new ways to help you fight pain. One of the pain management therapies at Blue Terra is called G5 Vibration Therapy. The vibration therapy is a natural way of back pain management using massage therapy without any side effects.

Massage for Back Pain

As per a University of Florida study on effect of vibration of pain, three different groups of volunteers reported significant pain relief after vibration therapy. It is estimated that vibration therapy leads to inhibition of transmission of pain signals from body to the central nervous system.
One of the physiologic effects of the vibration massage therapy for back pain is the capacity to increase local blood and lymph flow. This leads to pain relief as a reflex nervous response of blood and lymph channel walls induced by application of pressure to subcutaneous areas. Vibration massage Therapy is known to reduce stress, anxiety and pain pressure and has a positive effect on immune function.

Vibration massage therapy has a positive effect in reducing pain due to a stiff back, neck or shoulder. During vibration massage therapy the effects of manual lymph drainage are intensified by gentle oscillations of the local tissue, generated by moving an applicator. This technique is used by many physiotherapists for providing back pain and shoulder pain relief through massage therapy.

So do not let your stiff back, neck or shoulder spoil your day. Book an appointment at Blue Terra Wellness Spa for Vibration massage therapy for back pain and gain natural pain relief without any medicine.

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