Why taking time out for Body Massage is critical during Stressful times

Why taking time out for Body Massage is critical during Stressful times

Stress is relative 

Fight against Stress

All of us go through ups and downs in our lives. When looked closely, most of us may have perception that stress in our lives is more than most of other people. But when looked over a period of time or retrospectively, we may agree and settle on a more optimistic conclusion:)

When we are going through stressful times, it is most important to sit back, analyse, deep breathe and take steps that could reduce stress at that point in time. Stress hormones are produced by body that may be perceived as potentially dangerous. While short term stress is good as it improves our reaction and response to immediate situations. E.g. could be more attentive and high performance during exam or during a tennis match or during an office meeting. But long term high stress hormones are associated with cortisol. Cortisol is a steroid hormone that could disturb balance between Fat and carbohydrate mechanism. This over a period of time is associated with lifestyle disorders like Diabetes, Hypertension etc.

Time And Stress Are Relative So Is Advice


Stress bearing capacity can be enhanced

While the number of years have advanced, age at which we incur stress has got preponed. Amount of stress in 1960-70s for a 50 year aged guy is experienced by a guy aged 20-30s in current times. As stress bearing capacity is not fully developed in 20-30s that results in adverse reaction to stress like alcoholism, drug addiction, irritable mood, aggressive behaviour like road rage etc. It is important to understand that most of us have certain extent of stress bearing capability. As a result most of us end up taking as much stress which is inversely proportional to our stress bearing capacity. Somebody’s day may be spoiled because she couldnt earn enough for her dinner or somebody’s may be having a foul day because she didn’t have matching foot wear with her trousseau. Or worse somebody’s afternoon may be spoiled because she didn’t get mustard sauce along with her lunch burger. Context may be different in above three scenarios but amount of stress incurred may still be the same depending on individuals stress bearing capacity. Each of these subject may undergo similar degree of hypertension or other stress symptoms. Long term exposure to these stressful situation may result in equal amount of damage to our body.

Increase Stress Tolerance

Tolerate more stress

Over a period of time, our stress bearing capacity does increase at organic rate. What may cause stress at the age of 5 (like missing toy) may not cause as much stress when we are 15 or 25 or 35 years old. But we need to consciously work towards increasing our stress bearing capacity with time. This is because our source of stress increases manifold with age – if at 5 needs are basic like food, play and sleep, at 15 it increases to friends/peers, studies, competition and at 25 to money earned, marriage, social acceptability etc.

I may not be able to reduce source of stress but I can definitely enhance stress bearing capacity 



Not all situations causing stress are in our direct control. While we may work towards minimising source of stress, we shall focus more on enhancing stress bearing capacity. I may not be able to reduce traffic on my way to work but I could definitely choose travel time or route or music in car that could help me bear traffic more amicably rather than having a daily tussle and grumbling. Some of contextual situations and ideas for reducing stress are highlighted in table below

Infighting between people at home – Wife/Mom or with Spouse Listen, Listen, Listen. Spending distraction free time with each of them with greater listening power could be great stress buster. You could be therapist for them if you can make them speak up in their inner thoughts and woes which will be cathartic in reducing cortisol hormone
I don’t spend enough time with children This could be constant worry of parents especially if they are working. Do spend distraction free time on a daily basis as a friend and not only as parent. This means sharing shall be both ways. If we want to know about what they did in school, their response will be more forthcoming if I share what happened during my day.
Lots to do and so little time Lot of times it happens that we have too much on our plate. Challenge is how to declutter our mind and empty if of multiple thought streams to fully focus on job in hand. Maintaining an organizer may help. Spa and Body Massages could be extremely helpful to empty your mind of thought vagaries

Stress free person


The underlying theme in above mentioned approach we need to build our stress bearing capacity which could help us reduce stress in our daily lives and in lives of people associated with us. Meditation, Deep breathing, Spa & Body Massages, Sports activity are definitely most tried and tested method. If you could engage in an hour of physical engagement where you loose sense of time – whether sports or Body Massage – could be best stress buster. Go ahead, try some of these techniques and give us feedback on our small attempt to make it stress free world.


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