Why Body massage is an effective way of Body Maintenance?

Why Body massage is an effective way of Body Maintenance?

Why Body Massage is an effective way of Body Maintenance
Body Maintenance with Body Massage

Ever heard of Car maintenance, AC maintenance, House Maintenance etc. Every living and non living thing require some kind of maintenance. Why do we tend to ignore the most precious living thing – our Body and dont think of Body Maintenance?

Good body maintenance is the key to difference between Body age and actual calendar age. Because of good or bad maintenance, a 50 year old person may look 30 year old or vice versa. In the contemporary times, body maintenance has been positioned as an important activity among the people.  Nevertheless, it is quite a costly affair but certain things are necessary in order to maintain a status, position and some good health.

There are hundreds of activities an individual can practice in order to maintain his or her body. The list is endless. There was a time when this kind of Body maintenance was restricted only for the cine stars and people associated with the limelight. Things have changed over the years and now even ordinary people are also getting inclined towards body maintenance and pampering.

Of course, there is a little bit of show off in such practices but no one can deny the fact that these activities can actually bring a great change in your external health issues.  It is said that every human organ should be maintained as everything is interconnected with each other. Following this tradition of maintaining one’s own body, the various innovative experiments are actually giving productive benefits to our health.

Not really a new terminology but quite a popular and demanding activity Body Massage is considered to be the most effective and holistic body maintenance process.  Body Massage not only relaxes and rejuvenates the whole body but it also helps to relax the mind. The demand for this particular activity has evolved in a much better way in the past few years. People are actually enjoying the fringe benefits of Massage. Though it may look to be a snobbish affair but on the contrary, this has been engulfed with great efficacy towards health.

It is important to choose the correct Body Spa type that will provide holistic body maintenance. Before falling into the price trap of choosing the cheapest Spa in your city, better to evaluate and select the right Spa even though it may be little costly. Few ways of selecting a good spa that can provide a good massage for body maintenance are

  1. Research on internet for feedback and review about Body Spa center
  2. Check with your friends and family about their experiences in Spa they have visited and choose good amongst those Spa
  3. Call or visit the Spa and assess yourself depending on how knowledgeable staff is or how presentable their website is

Let’s find out the various kinds of Spa that rejuvenates human bodies:

Day Spa- This is also known as Urban Spa.  These kinds of Spa experiment can be found in urban areas, inside shopping malls, airport and in certain high footfall areas.  Apart from getting a complete relaxation, this process also helps in healing the body.

Destination Spa- This kind of Spa is completely focused on the development of body health. Mostly this kind of Spa treatment is located in places which are rich in minerals.  Tourists are the main customers for such Spa as it is located at various exotic locations around the world.

Medical Spa- This method of Spa is focused on certain medical treatments.  There are specific medical treatments that can be administered through this process of Spa. The various medical treatments are Ayurvedic Treatments, Detox Treatments, Botox, Laser, medical peels, dermal fillers or specific treatments like Back Pain, Joint Pain Treatments etc.

Ayurvedic Spa- This Spa specializes in Ayurvedic treatment and is the most effective healing process for preventing and healing diseases and their symptoms.  This Spa treatment is customized according to customer need. Not only relaxation but the variable health benefits from this Spa are also quite important and effective.

Thalassotherapy Spa:  Warm sea water is mainly used for this kind of Spa.  This process helps in relaxation, detoxification, de-stressing and also discard aches and pains. Then most effective use of this Spa method is that it completely restores the body minerals in order to maintain a proper balance.

Suffering from Different pains? Body massage is an effective solution.

Humans suffer from various pains over their lifetime.  Certain pains are permanent and proper medical solutions are hard to find. Yet, with the introduction of Body massage, there have been possibility that some hideous pains can get a solution for betterment.

Back PainBack pain is the most common type of pain that every person suffers after a certain age. This mainly occurs due to loss of minerals and vitamins in the body. Though medical science has come up with various effective medicines but at the end exercise is the best method of healing. Along with exercise, a body massage at least once a week is also effective to reduce back pain.

It is little know secret that Deep Tissue massage was invested to cure paralysis of legs. Swedish massage was invented to enhance performance of Olympic athletes. Ayurvedic massages have been used over a long period of time for relaxation and treatment. With good selection of right massage therapy, holistic body maintenance becomes easier and simple process.

Joint Pain

Joint pain– This is mostly connected to bones. Arthritis is one of the main causes of joint pain. Bodies massage not the only solution to get cured but it is definitely a productive way for healing.  If a person undergoes a body massage at a frequent interval then there might be some great progress in healing joint pains.


Ayurveda advocates daily massage of joints with good Ayurvedic Oil (like Sesame etc) for 5-10 min in the morning. This helps to keep joint lubricated and keep joint pains at bay. Ayurveda also have specific therapies like Potli or Basti for effective treatment from Joint Pains.

cervical spondylosisCervical spondylosis or neck arthritis is a very common age related problem, which affects many people. It causes trouble in the joints and discs in the neck.  Overtime it becomes painful if proper treatment is not done to cure this.  Medical treatment suggests various operations but sometimes Spa or body massage helps people to get cure from this trouble.

chronic-knee-painKnee pain– Women suffers from this the most. At the age of 40 this particular symptom is mostly highlighted in the body.  Again this occurs due to loss of minerals and calcium in the bone.  Ageing is the soul problem of knee pain. Various surgeries have been introduced along with good dose of antibiotics but there is no alternative of proper exercise and a weekly body massage.

Are you curious about Polti massage? Then read below

potli-therapyPolti massage is an innovative process which works by juxtaposing elements of fire and water with specific herbs. Mostly this massage takes place in various spas. The massage opens the pores in the body and relaxes the muscles. It creates a complete transformation from all the body pains and makes a person feel refreshed. The process is absolutely herbal and therefore there are no such side effects. Other than just relaxation and a certain amount of rejuvenation this massage also helps in getting better from certain chronic external diseases like frozen shoulders, osteoarthritis etc.

Some final words

Eventually we all know that the process of massage in a Spa is quite costly and is beyond the reach of affordability for many people.  Yet, sometimes we need to spend money on such things due to the high end productivity. To break the notion of many people that body massage in a spa parlor is just a fashion, well eventually this fashion keeps you get going because at the end even body needs certain amount of refreshments from these elements.

Some proper exercise, routine food habits and definitely body massage can help an individual to heal both the mind and the body.  To put an end to it, let’s just say that when both the mind and body is at rest, everything around you is at peace.

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