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Specialised Eye Care Treatment

Difficulty in reading, watering of eyes, floaters, pain or strain around the eyes?

At Jiva, we have answers to all your eye problems. We offer practical solutions that are painless, effective and
results-driven. All our eye treatments use natural products that are better for your health.
Our eye care specialists give you the best care.

If you are looking to get relief from any of the following problems, you can consult us any time.

Diabetic Retinopathy
Progressive Myopia

Allergic Conjunctivitis / Spring Catarrh

Diabetic Retinopathy
Progressive Myopia

Allergic Conjunctivitis / Spring Catarrh

Diabetic Retinopathy
Progressive Myopia

Allergic Conjunctivitis / Spring Catarrh

Diabetic Retinopathy
Progressive Myopia

Allergic Conjunctivitis / Spring Catarrh

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Here is a list of key causes that lead to poor vision.

Pitta dosha

According to Ayurveda, the root cause of all eye problems is vitiated pitta dosha in body. Any imbalance in pitta causes problems.


Increasing pollution around us leads to accumulation of dirt in the eyes which over time can cause itching and soreness.


Disturbed lifestyle involving stress, irregular sleep, high intake of junk food and poor eating habits increase pitta dosha.


Seasonal allergies are also a reason for eye diseases such as allergic conjunctivitis.


Colour additives and chemicals used in food products. Excessive use of cosmetics in and around eye area.


Too much exposure to gadgets and constant working on computer can cause dry eye syndrome or watery eyes.


While disease specific symptoms can be different here is a list of common ones.


Hazy or blurred vision


Pain and swelling in and around eyes


Itching and redness or burning sensation


Frequent blinking


Glare caused due to light or exposure to sun


Small spots floating through the field of vision

Treatment & Therapies

At Blue Terra Clinic, we ensure that you get authentic and wholesome treatment to cure the problem from its roots. We do not intend to just provide you symptomatic relief. Our team of trained and experienced doctors and staff will go the extra mile to help you heal in a proper way.

 Our treatments are designed both for preventive care and post disease relief. The procedure comprises

mainly 3 steps as follows.

Personalised and detailed consultation between the doctor and patient to work out a comprehensible solution. Clear communication improves efficacy of the treatment.

A detailed plan highlighting step-by-step treatment is prepared by the doctor to address the root cause. The plan includes medication, therapies and appropriate dietary suggestions.

Rejuvenating therapies are recommended to relax eye muscles and purify the eyes of toxins. Appropriate guidance including diet and lifestyle advice is given to the patient for complete cure.

Besides these, some of the other key highlights of our treatment package are:

Panchakarma therapies such as netra tarpan, netra dhara, bidalak and jaloka

Eye exercises to improve concentration and vision

Intake of jatamansi herb to reduce stress

Medicines made out of natural ingredients with no side effect

Distance consultation and treatment facility over phone in case of an existing disease

Reduced chances of recurrence of the disease


All diseases can be prevented with adequate care and attention.
Here are a few practices that will help you avoid eye problems and ensure good vision for long.

Eye 7

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Inclusion of white butter in diet and regular massage of cow-ghee on soles of the feet


Avoiding touching or rubbing eyes frequently


Regular intake of triphala and green leafy vegetables


Washing eyes with clean water


Eye exercise such as tratak which helps improve eyesight and increase concentration


Read these success stories of people who have experienced tremendous improvement in their condition.

  • I have been experiencing flashes on and off for last 3 years. I was also diagnosed with pterygium due to which I started wearing glasses. Since I drive regularly, continuous redness and burning sensation made it difficult to drive properly. At Jiva, I have got so much relief within the first month. I have stopped wearing glasses and no longer suffer from scattered light syndrome. My left eye is a perfect 6/6 now.

    Devendra Kumar
  • 5 years back, I was diagnosed with Retinal Haemorrhage in both the eyes. Despite following the treatment religiously, I was not getting any relief. Managing my daily routine became so difficult. I decided to approach Jiva Ayurveda and within 1 month of treatment I can feel the difference. My vision has improved to a great extent. The personalised service and advice has done wonders.

    Meena Nagpal

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