Feeling Lazy? Tips to fight lethargy in summer

Feeling Lazy? Tips to fight lethargy in summer

As the summer sets in, the heat waves have reached to the maximum level. The heat is contributing to tiredness and lethargy. The excessive sweat that occurs during summer drains out all the energy that we store. Thus, it is very common to feel a bit lazy during the summer. Due to heat, we even lose our appetite and the heat takes a toll on our body. We usually tend to get more sick and restless in summer.

Those who work in offices in an air conditioned environment, suffers a lot more. You reach your office bathed in sweat and then sit for long hours at your chilled office. Then again when you come out, you feel the intense heat. The extreme changes in temperature tires our body more than we could imagine. As a result, you get more tired and lazy when you finally reach home. Fatigue and tiredness are very common during summers. However, there are numerous ways you can beat them.


Discussed below are few ways in which you can combat your laziness during summers:

  • STAY HYDRATED – Maintain a high water level

Since we sweat a lot during summers, a lot of body water and glucose drains out of our body. One must ensure that he/she consume lots of fruit juices, water, and juicy fruits. Regular intervals of these juices and fruits keep our body remain cool and hydrated. Coconut water is a thirst quencher and a natural store of electrolytes. Make sure to consume atleast one every alternate day. Also, avoid black coffee during summers. If you are addicted to it, try to gulp at least two glasses of water after you have your cup of coffee.


Summer Hydration

Stay Hydrated in Summer to fight Lethargy

  • EAT HEALTHY- Eat in small quantities

Avoid too spicy and oily food during summers. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Melons are a good source of hydration. It is suggested to have light food and fill only 1/3 of your stomach, but make sure to eat at regular intervals and do not skip meals. Skipping meals will lower down your energy level. All of this keep the insulin level of our body under control and prevent laziness. It is also important to maintain the vitamin and mineral content of your body.


Summer food

Eat healthy and variety

  • SPA TREATMENT – Body Massage

It is helpful to visit a health care clinic for a body massage once a week in summers. Body massage helps in regulating the blood circulation, releases the stress and also helps to overcome the laziness. Spa treatment is also beneficial. It relaxes the muscles and rejuvenates the weakness that has been caused due to the excessive heat. Body massages are very beneficial for various reasons to several people. If you are looking for a clinic, contact Blue Terra Spa, for best spas and body massages.

  • GO GREEN – Include Green vegetables in your diet

As you already know, green vegetables contain a lot of essential nutrients that are of high importance for proper body metabolism. Food rich in protein like pulses, chicken, eggs and meats takes longer time to digest than vegetables and fruits. It is because the body can break down minerals and vitamins at a higher rate than protein. So, to gain energy during the summer, include a lot of vegetables in your diet.


Go Green

Go Green in summer

  • EAT REGULARLY – Eat to gain energy and not weight

Although, the easily available foods like burgers, sandwiches, and pizzas satisfy your hunger but they provide you nothing except calories. During summer, you are usually lazy and consuming these foods will add on to your weight and increase the level of your fatigue. Avoid these foods as much as possible. Also, to quench your thirst, grab juices and water over fizzy drinks or other beverages. You can have milkshakes, as that provides you along with energy. During summers, think before you eat to fight against the laziness that is ruining you.

  • DO NOT SKIP A MEAL – Restore the lost energy

As the excessive heat makes you lose the essential glucose of your body, you lose your appetite. Also, tiredness added to it makes you skip meals. This is the worst decision that you could ever think of. When you are losing out on glucose, it is important for you to understand that you are losing out on your energy. Your body needs food that will fulfil the void and help you to restore back the lost energy. Eat light, eat less but eat frequent is the key to keep you active during this summer.


Energised in summer

Restore the Lost Energy

  • MAINTAIN HYGIENE – Keep yourself clean

It is very important for you to keep yourself clean during the summers if you want to be fresh and not fatigue. Bath early in the morning, before the scorching heat of the sun, reaches you. And also bath before you hit bed. This reduces the chances of a heat stroke. Wear clothes that are light and prefer cotton garments. It is better that you cover your face and head with a scarf so that you can be prevented from the sun. Wash your face, drink a lot of water and maintain a proper hygiene.

Along with all these try and avoid the sun as much as possible. Use sunscreen, and summer lotions and sunglasses when you step out in sun. A proper sleep is also very necessary. So, keep practicing all of these in order to enjoy summer without laziness.


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