Health Care Tips for Winters

Health Care Tips for Winters

Almost everybody you know dislikes winter season for some obvious health reasons. There are other numerous reasons why winter is disliked by most. Everything outside is white and colourless. Mornings are dull and hazy. Wherever you go, you have to put on layers of clothes and woollens, so much that you feel suffocated. All day you feel like keeping yourself warm curled inside the blanket. It seems as if the normal active life you liked has come to a halt. More than that, you cannot wear just anything you like without covering yourself with heavy winter clothing.

But, all said and done, winter is the season when you must take maximum care of your body and health. The amount of care you take of your body in winter is reflected throughout the year. So, even though you cannot avoid winters, there are numerous ways you could defeat it by following some easy health care tips for winters.

Body Stiffness and Skin Dryness are the common problems which you encounter in winters. The skin and hair become dry and seems to lose its sheen. These are common things which you have to endure in the cold season. Body Massage, if done regularly can help to some extent with winter dryness and body stiffness. But, what is most important is how to keep oneself healthy in the cold season.

Yes, it is possible to keep yourself healthy and glowing in winters. There are many ways to beat the cold.

Why is it Essential to Stay Healthy in winters?

According to research, winter is the time when your body absorbs most nutrition. It is the time actually when it needs more nutrition than any other season. This is because your body is continuously working to keep you warm by using the stored energy. You need to provide your body with all the nutrition which you can.

During this time of the year, bacterial and viral infections are also on the rise. So, if you do not care for yourself, you will easily fall ill. To keep up the normal functioning of your body tissues and cells, you must take proper care of your body.

How to Maintain Your Health in winter

There are certain tips and tricks which you need to follow to keep yourself healthy and glowing in winter. Once you follow that, winter might not seem so bad.

  • You might be tired of reading about the health benefits of WATER, but yes once again water is the elixir for humans. Winter is the time when your urge to drink water decreases. You might not want to drink as much water as you might do in summers. But that does not mean that your body needs less water. Drinking plenty of water prevents your body from getting dehydrated. To ensure the normal and smooth functioning of your body organs, you must not forget to drink water. Drink at least eight glasses of water regularly. If it seems too much for you, you can keep water container beside you at all times and occasionally sip water. Or you could even keep some warm water in an insulated flask and keep sipping that. This will not only fulfill the water requirement of your body but also keep your skin hydrated and less dry.
  • You must keep a watch on what you are eating. You need to EAT HEALTHY to stay healthy and feel energetic. Remember what you put inside your body reflects on the outside. Winter is the time when you can see a lot of colourful veggies. You can cook them in whatever way you want but make sure you have a diet full of veggies, fruits and grains. At this time, it is essential to provide your body with all the vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates it needs. Besides that, a hot steaming bowl of soup or stew is not only soothing but also nourishing for your body. You must avoid caffeine and aerated drinks at all costs. If you want something good to drink, you can have herbal teas, shakes and juices.

Herbal Green Tea boosts immunity

Blue Nectar Amritanadi Green Tea

  • Winter makes you lazy and inactive, agreed. But that does not mean you have to stay like that. You might already know the benefits of exercising regularly. Exercising in winter is all the more important. It is a herculean task to drag yourself out of the bed and abandon the warm and comfortable covers. But, to gain something you have to sacrifice something. Here, you have to sacrifice the warm bed.

Exercising keeps your joints mobile

Exercise in winter is a must

Proper exercise routine maintains blood circulation in the body. It keeps you fit and increases your activity and mobility especially during the cold season. You do not just have to go by the words. You can exercise daily for a week and feel the difference. You also cannot deny the good feeling which you get after an exercise routine. If you are not into vigorous exercises, you can also try yoga and meditation for peace of mind.

  • A proper skincare regimen is important. No, skincare is not only for the girls. It is essential for women of all ages and men equally. Do you feel good when you look good? Everybody will be saying ‘yes’ to that question. So, to look good you need to take proper care of your skin. Many people misunderstand skincare as care of the face. But, taking care of your skin involves the entire outer layer of your body. Oil Massage with good quality oil, regular cleaning, exfoliation and moisturising your skin is important. You can also try the Abhyangam Ayurvedic Massage as it has numerous benefits for your skin and also increases blood circulation. It is also important that you use quality products for your skin for long-lasting You can also pamper yourself to a Spa Therapy.



Spa Therpay

Relaxing winter massage in a spa

Winter is the time when bacteria and virus are most active. There is every chance that you can catch an infection quickly. Apart from keeping yourself healthy, it is also important to keep yourself protected. You need to use handkerchiefs and tissues whenever travelling outside. Hand sanitizers are a must. You have to be over conscious of the hygiene while using public washrooms, especially in winters. At home, you need to maintain a hygienic lifestyle so that germs do not breed and you can stay way out of the way of diseases and infections. In case you are infected by a virus or catch a cold, you must take necessary actions. In any case, it is better if you consult a physician.

Winter might seem drab and boring. But there are so many things you could do to make it interesting. Winter is the time when you travel, eat and enjoy with your friends. So, this winter, you must keep healthy and enjoy the weather to its fullest.

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