Fighting Depression? Ayurveda could be the solution!!

Fighting Depression? Ayurveda could be the solution!!

Being depressed is the most dangerous state of mind for a human being. Depression can lead to a pile of nonsense work which people do.  This is such a phase where one cannot think either of the present situation nor the future. People visit doctors mainly psychiatrist to heal this wound but the treatment is carried over a long time period. 

Ayurvedic treatment is one such way to deal with such situation. It gives maximum relief from stress.

Sadness and depression can be caused due to many factors. It varies from person to person.  But the Ayurveda treatment for this is uniform irrespective of the severity.

Before we talk of the various remedies lets discuss a little about the cause of depression. This prelude will help you to understand the remedies for depression that will be dealt later.

Understanding Depression

The expression in depression is something much unexpected. People can react in different ways.  Some of the common symptoms of depression are mood swings, feeling stressed, anxiety, extreme anger, confinement to bed, sleeplessness, extreme behaviour and many more.

Symptoms of depression


In this stage, there is a huge imbalance of both physical and mental health.  People tend to lose every support and dissolve all hopes from their mind.  Along with mental illness various physical issues could also be manifested-like diabetes, digestion problems, breathlessness etc.

There is another major factor which causes depression and that is stress at work.  In this contemporary age, work pressure is huge, especially in the private sector.  People lose out on their sleep and food due to the tension that gets build up in their mind.  If this goes on for a long time without any sign of success the depression is bound to set in.

Sadhaka Agni and Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, Sadhaka Agni is an important factor.   Sadhaka Agni is a subdosha of Pitta. It is the inner fire responsible for processing your emotions. It connects the heart and mind together so that there is constant communication between them.  It is believed that a strong Sadhaka Agni can be invariably linked with high emotional intelligence.


Let’s discuss some of the ways to fight depression and build a strong Sadhaka Agni.

  • Practice the art of detachment– A wise man once said that attachment is the root of all sufferings.  If you find no such productivity in an attachment then leave it then. Don’t ever stick to something which will never give you peace.  During depression try to detach with people or things that will never benefit you or stand by your side. People with negative vibes should be ignored.
  • Make changes in your lifestyle – It is understandable that during any depressing phase the lifestyle of people change drastically.  This could be hazardous for that person’s health. Try hard to get away from it and lead a balanced life, with a proper routine.  Eat food at the right time, do some sort of exercise, divert your mind towards lighter things, watch a funny movie, and most importantly try to sleep well. All these may seem difficult to do as the person who is under depression cannot see a purpose to things. But following this routine for a month will definitely reap results. The good feeling will automatically intrude in your life.
  • Eat healthy food – During depression phase, health of the unwell  person gets highly affected. One has to undergo a proper diet with good and healthy food to achieve a mind-body constitution. A person can consume lots of organic foods which have lots of prana (life force energy) in it.  Coconuts, soaked nuts, and some other dry fruits are a must in such situation.
  • Visit a spa– It is highly recommended to visit a spa in such a situation.  There are several Ayurvedic Spa treatments done at different Spas.  One of the most popular and effective treatment is Shirodhara.  This is basically a very soothing kind of treatment where a stream of warm oil is poured over the forehead. As a result, it calms down both your mind and body. One feels really relaxed and sound after the therapy.  It is very often practiced by people going through a depressing stage. It may not heal depression but can definitely bring some tranquility in your life.
  • Yoga is a must–   To keep a sound mind and a fit body it is mandatory to do some yoga in the morning. Even during depression, one should not leave the practice. Janu  Sirsasana (the art of head to knee forward bend) helps to stimulate the inner functions of the body. Camel Pose is another effective posture in Yoga.  This helps to deal with your emotions.
  • Always have a smile on your face–   This is the best anti-depression pill. Nevertheless, a smile can bring a huge amount of joy in your life. During depression, it is always a feasible idea to smile and let go of every bit of pain.  There is something called ‘smile inside meditation’ which helps to reincarnate positive energy inside the body.

Depression is one such thing which takes a lot of time to heal.  It starts from sadness and with time gets transformed into depression. It may be stress at work or stress at home one can get depressed with any event in life.

People often try to get hold of an anti-depression pill but it is best to have an Ayurvedic treatment with proper healing methods.

In the recent times, there are various Spas’ in all major towns and cities where you can get the best Ayurveda treatment.   Several kinds of massage and healing treatment are done over here. 

The phase of depression is really a tormenting one for people who are really suffering.  It takes great effort to bring them back to normal. The state of mind completely changes and there in no such guarantee of getting well, unless taken care of.

Are you suffering from any state of depression?  Has it really conquered your mind? If so then try to find a way to heal this state.  Never waste a little time in such cases. If depression gets deep, it could create a big trauma which again becomes difficult to handle.

There are several ways to deal with depression but Ayurveda treatment is the most promising one which has been proved by various experts.  Get a proper Ayurveda treatment at your nearest Spa and feel the difference.

Depression may kill you. Never get carried away with it. Life has too many things to offer. Get well soon and look for better opportunities.

Life is beautiful, go and embrace it!!!

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