How To Get Rid of Chronic Back Pain

How To Get Rid of Chronic Back Pain

Anybody who has experienced lower back pain knows how disabling it is. The issue prevents the affected individual from working productively at work and do many physical activities. There is no magic cure for chronic back pain. However, over time many treatments can reduce or even eliminate the problem. We look at the various treatments for chronic back pain.

• Lose Weight Gradually

An obese person has higher chances of getting chronic back pain. Obesity results in more pressure on the spine causing or aggravating chronic back pain. But be warned. Strenuous physical activities aimed at losing weight put additional pressure on the spine. That will definitely make the condition worse. Do light exercises gradually increasing in intensity. The key is to be gentle on the spine while losing weight. The lesser your weight the less the burden on your spine.

• Yoga

Yoga is an ancient Indian science. But it must be practiced under the guidance of a qualified and experienced instructor. There are many yogic exercises that are gentle on the spine as well as strengthen the spine gradually. The key is to be patient and persevere.

• Physiotherapy

This is another excellent treatment option. Based on factors such as your age, weight and condition of the spine the physiotherapist will suggest exercises that strengthen the lower back and help eliminate/reduce pain.

• Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian system of medicine. It has been around for thousands of years. A trained Ayurvedic practitioner can recommend Ayurvedic medicine and/or oils to massage your back. Unlike Allopathy, Ayurvedic massage treatment has much lesser side effects.

• Indulge in Activities that make you Happy

Everyone has their favourite activity and/or hobby. The latter may vary from person to person. But it takes your mind off the back pain and ramps up your level of pain tolerability. So, whenever you find the pain unbearable do your favourite activity.

• Aromatherapy

The smell of essential oils extracted from flowers can help. It makes you feel better and forget life’s troubles. So, whenever you feel like popping in a pain killer sniff essential oils instead. It reduces stress and makes pain more bearable. Usually Aromatherapy doesn’t have major side effects. Check with your doctor before trying out this alternative medicine.


• Have Adequate Sleep

If you get quality sleep you are energetic during your waking hours. It also lets your back get ample rest which aids the healing process. You need to give your back enough rest to cure the pain. A good idea is to put a soft pillow behind your back while working for the sake of physical support.

• Massages

Certain oils have healing powers such as Ayurvedic oils and others. Massaging your back by a trained masseuse boosts blood circulation and accelerates the healing process. Massages are a popularly practiced and powerful technique to drive pain away from the affected areas.


Ayurvedic Massage Oil

• Correct Posture

Incorrect posture is a leading cause of lower back pain. If your job is sedentary make sure your chair supports correct posture, is comfortable to sit in and provides adequate support to your back. The bed you sleep in should not be uncomfortable and should offer good support to your lower back.

• Regularly Exercise

Physical activities release endorphins in your body. Endorphins aid in stopping the pain signals manifesting in the brain. Also, the former brings down depression, stress as well as anxiety which are mental health conditions linked to chronic back pain and also aggravate the pain.

• Apply Cold Packs or Hot Packs

The usage of cold packs brings down inflammation a leading symptom present in any kind of back pain. Cold packs play the role of a local anaesthetic. Heat packs ramp up blood flow to the affected region supplying much needed nutrients. The former also blocks the pain messages dispatched to the brain. You can use the packs individually or as a combination for best results.

• Good Diet

Calcium deficiency or protein deficiency may also contribute to lower back pain. Eat a well-balanced diet containing adequate fats, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins as well as minerals. If you suspect your diet isn’t adequate try consuming supplements prescribed by a qualified physician.

• Stretch your Hamstrings on a Daily Basis

Tight hamstrings are one of the causes of lower back pain. To treat the former condition regularly do hamstring stretching exercises. Make sure you do the latter very carefully and gently.

• Leverage Psychology as a Tool

If you are obsessed with your pain, your condition may become worse. Refrain from brooding over the same. Go out of the house, socialize or take a walk. In short do activities that distract you from the pain. Keeping busy will leave you with practically no time to obsess over your lower back pain. Visual imaging is a tool that may be effective for you. You can imagine in your mind that your pain is becoming lesser and lesser and ultimately disappearing.

• Meditation

Relaxation of the mind and body is effective against many kinds of chronic pain. Try out relaxation techniques such as meditation at home or in an outdoor setting to battle lower back pain.

• Join a Support Group

Remember that you are not the only person suffering. Many other people do with varying levels of success. A support group gives the opportunity to open up about your problems. You can benefit from the tips and invaluable experience of fellow sufferers.

• Stay Positive

A positive attitude will boost your will power and ensure you stay on the course of treatment. Seek out people and places emanating positive vibes.

• Consult a Medical Professional

If all treatment options fail, seek the opinion of a qualified medical processional. He/she will recommend medicines to alleviate the symptoms and treat the underlying cause. Sometimes surgery will be advised to cure the problem. Make sure you go to a reputed physician. Speak to his/her previous patients to get a better picture about the physician’s expertise.

Massage Therapy

Other nonsurgical treatments include laser therapy, Acupuncture, electrical nerve simulation, biofeedback therapy and more.

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