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Slimming Treatment at Blue Terra

With our busy schedules and erratic eating habits, gaining weight and getting obese are some of the major problems that most of us are facing these days. To overcome the aftermath of such a hectic schedule, Blue Terra introduces a wide range of body slimming therapies that will truly help you out with your weight troubles and will have a profound effect on your entire health and well-being.

Our structured arrangements of weight loss treatment will guide you towards your desired goal and will help you in understanding the pain points and reasons behind weight gain. The major principle behind this slimming therapy is to inhabit a weight management system within your lifestyle that will all be a combination of slimming treatment and cleansing therapies which will assist you in attaining an optimal weight measure.

Indulge Into Our Exquisite Slimming Spa Treatments


What’s included?

This Udvartanam Ayurveda massage basically relays the concept of forwarding or promoting health. It is a deep tissue dry massage which is performed using herbal powders to stimulate the hair follicles of the body. This stimulation is meant to break down the excess subcutaneous fat of the body.

How is it performed?

The herbal powder used is firstly warmed by heating. The massage is performed in the opposite direction of hair follicles. After the completion of the massage, the person is asked to take rest and then showered with warm water.

Duration: 45 minutes


  • Its main purpose is to reduce obesity from the body.
  • It also helps in mobilizing the toxin that is accumulated at one place, relieving the person from joint pain.
  • Also ensures body firming and toning.
  • Refreshes and gives a lightness to the body

Blue Nectar Slimming Therapy with Triphaladi Anti-cellulite

What’s included?

Cellulite is a condition in which the skin has a lumpy appearance. Here you can get one of the best slimming treatment by Blue Terra, it makes use of Blue Nectar Triphaladi Anti-Cellulite Oil that is a mixture of 8 vital herbs and helps in toning of the body by getting rid of the cellulite.

How is it performed?

The oil is heated to a lukewarm temperature. The massage is performed on the affected part of the body. After the completion of the massage, the area is dabbed with a hot towel.

Duration: 60 min


  • Reduces the cellulite formation from the affected parts.
  • The medicinal perk of this slimming treatment is that the Vital Herbs transform the fats into fatty acids and furthermore carried by blood and lymph nodes, shaping up your body.

Blue Nectar Triphaladi & Udvarthanam Slimming Therapy

What’s included?

The dry herbal powder massage therapy of Udvarthanam is combined with Triphaladi Anti Cellulite oil under this weight loss therapy.


Under this treatment, the person gets to see a reduction in the cellulite formation along with firming and toning of body muscles. The dual slimming treatment with therapy proves to be an immense help to those who are facing trouble in combating their weight gain problem.

Duration: 75 min

Udvartanam means to perform massage upward. It is a deep, dry massage using herbal powders which stimulate the hair follicles assisting to break down the body’s excess subcutaneous fat. This massage aims to address obesity, mobilize toxins and reduce joint pains. Beneficial for firming and toning.

Duration: 45 min. | Price: Rs. 2400

Blue Nectar Triphaladi Anti Cellulite Oil contains 8 vital herbs that help to tone the body. These vital herbs aid in converting fat into fatty acids to be carried by blood and lymph nodes and thereby toning body. Massage is done with firms hands that helps to tone the body.

Duration: 60 min. | Price: Rs. 2500

Benefits of Triphaladi Anti Cellulite Oil are combined with proven Udwarthanam dry massage therapy to provide weight loss and firming of a body. Oil massage also provides relaxation with toning as additional benefit.

Duration: 75 min. | Price: Rs. 2950

*Indicative prices. May vary with location.


Here is a list of key causes that lead to weight gain.

Imbalance among Doshas

According to Ayurveda, the root cause of all problems is vitiated dosha in body. Any imbalance in doshas causes problems.

Improper Diet Plan

Junk foods can cause addiction in susceptible individuals. These people lose control over their eating behavior,and it is the main cause for weight gain.

Sudden change in Lifestyle

Few people get more stress when there is major changes in their lifestyle due to job change or because of illness

Certain Medications

This is the major cause for weight gain, Many pharmaceutical drugs can cause weight gain as a side effect.


Illness like psoriasis, Rheumatoid arthritis ,migraine etc increase the weight in patient .

Pressure at work place or study

Pressure at work place to maintain job/ complete targets/ competition in studies .

Specialised Weight Loss Treatment

At Blue Terra, we have answers to all your weight gaining problems. We offer practical solutions that are effective and
results-driven.In our treatments we use natural products that are better for your health.
Our specialists give you the best care.

Following points helps you to get relief from weight gain, you can consult us any time.

Physical Activity


Proper Diet Plan


Treatment & Therapies

At Blue Terra Clinic, we ensure that you get authentic and wholesome treatment to cure the problem from its roots. We do not intend to just provide you symptomatic relief. Our team of trained and experienced doctors and staff will help you heal in a proper way.


Read these success stories of people who have experienced tremendous improvement in their condition.

  • I work in an office and work load is too much there as we are a start up, initially i used to get disturb sleep,mild headache then slowly i lost my appetite as well.Then during my visit at Blue Terra doctor told me that its all happening because of high stress level ,so he suggested me some yoga exercise and shirodhara treatment once in a week.I was able to feel difference after one time therapy,it was a great experience.
    Office work
  • Stress is the one thing you can not erase so you have to accept it as it is but you can control it , i used to take so much stress before and that really made my life worse.Then after reading a lot about it i started doing yoga and other exercise along with one in a while i take body massage, now i feel fresh and i am able to manage my stress level.

    Recommendation- Abhayangam + shirodhara at Blue Terra


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