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Central delhi, connaught place
1st Floor, Malhotra Building, F-46,
Inner Circle, Connaught Place, Delhi – 110001
Contact: 011 41517500 | 9999 895 855

Look no more, best Body Massage in Connaught Place is close to you now in your favourite Inner Circle. Land-marked by top class retail outlets, best Spa in Connaught place is located opposite to Rajiv Chowk Metro station and Palika Bazaar. Convenience, fitness and luxury of Connaught Place all located around Blue Terra Spa. Situated walking distance from Rajiv Chowk Metro station, Blue Terra Spa, offers ocean of calmness & peace in busy Connaught Place in New Delhi.

You deserve the best or what else do you work hard for! You name the body massage and we have it in our menu – Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Balinese Therapy, Abhyangam – the Ayurvedic Massage, Ayurvedic Potli etc. 

While in the past, Spa have been synonymous with luxury and pampering, Blue Terra Spa in Connaught Place has taken a balanced approach towards pampering and wellness. Spa and body massages in Blue Terra Spa are known for its benefits linked to Pain, Stress & Slimming Management. Marrying the traditionality with modernity, Blue Terra Wellness Spa in Connaught Place offers Ayurvedic massages and Treatment along with international Body Massages, body scrubs, face therapies etc.

Pain Management

Blue Terra Spa therapies are custom designed to offer relief from Back Pain, Neck Pain or other Joint Pains (Pain Management). These Body Massages for back Pain or Body Pain have success rate>80% and positive feedback >95%.


Destress is the first word related to Spa. We offer Stress management therapies like Aromatherapy, Back & Body Therapy, Shirodhara etc. People enter in Spa with mountains of Stress and leave with pebbles of whatever stress remains!  With multiple sessions, we promise to remove pebbles of stress as well😊

Slimming Management

Crash dieting to achieve weight loss is a big fad with different kinds of diets. It is important to supplement weight loss to ensure that your body can manage excess skin and it doesn’t hang loose resulting in cellulite. Body Massage is the one of the best anti cellulite and skin toning treatment. We do have custom slimming package that supports diet/physical activity and other weight loss activities that you may be doing!

Ayurvedic Doctor available

And not to mention you could consult resident Ayurvedic Doctor for any lifestyle related issues like Diabetes, Pain Management, Stress Management or Slimming Therapies

Gift vouchers

We provide Spa gifts that come straight from heart. You could not only choose any massage therapy that you want to gift, but you could also choose what flavor Pastry, what message you want to convey through personalized gift Spa services. We add a complementary gift from our side for all gift vouchers.

We serve guests not only from Connaught Place, but also for guests looking for Spa in Pahargunj, Spa in Karol Bagh, Body Massage in Connaught Place, Body Massage in Karol Bagh, Body Massage in Paharganj. Therefore come to us and be rest assured that your drive to our Spa in Connaught Place will be worth it!

Holistic Therapies

Swedish Massage
Aromatherapy Massage
Balinese Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Lomi Lomi Massage

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Ayurvedic Treatment & Therapies

Doctor Consultation

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Pain, Stress & Slimming Therapies

Back & Joint Pain Therapies
Destress therapies
Slimming Therapies
Migraine treatment

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Family Spa for everyone needs

Spa & Body Massage in a clean, hygienic safe environment

Reduce Back & Joint Pain upto 80%

No side effect

Doctor consultation available

Luxurious Room & Comfortable Interiors

Attached Steam & Shower facilities with Rooms

Relief from Stress at Home and Office

Relief from Anxiety, Anger, Mood Swing & Sleep Problem

The mostest bestest Spa in town

What relaxes us most is a relaxed guest. Which part of world do you belong to – been to Blue Terra or yet to experience heaven?


Repeat Guests

Success in back pain treatment


Directions for Spa : Connaught Place, New Delhi

Directions from Janpath

Come straight from on Janpath road towards Central park (inner circle). Just before inner circle on the right side is Malhotra Building West entrance (see boards of Indian Overseas Bank). Enter from Malhotra Building entrance and come to first floor for spa and body massage in New Delhi.

Directions via Metro

Get down at Rajiv Chowk Metro station in New Delhi and exit from gate #6. On the back side corner building is Malhotra Building in F Block. Enter via Malhotra Building West entrance and come to 1st floor for Blue Terra Spa.

Directions from India Gate

Take an exit from Kasturba Gandhi Marg and come till Outer Circle of Connaught Place. Take a right towards from Janpath road towards Inner circle. Just before inner circle on the right side is Malhotra Building West gate entrance. Come to first floor for the spa.


Abhyangam45 min2800
Shirodhara / Pizhichil45 min2950
Shirodhara with Abhyangam90 min5000
Kizhi (Potli)45 min 3100
Udvartanam45 min2400
Shiro Abhyangam30 min900
Akshitarpanam30 min900
Basti60 min 3100
Holistic (International Therapies)
Reflexology Massage45 min2400
Swedish Massage60 min/90 min2800/4000
Aromatherapy45 min2800
Lomi Lomi / Deep Tissue Massage60 min3100
Balinese Massage75 min/90 min3100/4000
Traditional Thai Massage60 min2200
Couples Touché75 min6600
Couples Connect (For Couple)105 min8500
The Royal Couple (For Couple)165 min14000
Body Scrubs & Short Therapies
Salt Grow Scrub/Moroccan Scrub with Turkish Loofah30 min2200
Arabian Coffee Scrub/Hawaiian Chocolate Scrub/Redwine Scrub30 min2200
Balinese Boreh/Javanese Mandi Lulur30 min2200
Head/ Neck & Shoulder/ Back Therapy30 min900
Spa Rituals
Seasonal Elixir90 min3800
Kaya Kalp105 min5400
Moroccan Delite120 min 6200
Balinese Boreh/Javanese Lulur Ritual120 min 6200
Ayush – The Long Life135 min6200
Blue Terra Royal Ritual165 min7700
Face Therapies
Natural Face Freshner45 min1650
Ever Youth -Anti Ageing Blue Nectar45 min1850
Radiance – Brightening with Blue Nectar45 min1850
Blue Terra Royal Face Ritual90 min3000
Pain and Stress Management
Back & Body Therapy60 min3100
Back & Body Therapy with Blue Nectar Devtvakadi Cinnamon60 min3400
Roller Therapy60 min3100
G5 Therapy60 min3100
Ache Alleviation60 min2800
Insta Relief Therapy60 min3100
  • * Prices are given for selected services. Incase you are not able to find your desired service, please contact respective center.
  • * * All therapies followed by 30 min steam, Include taxes as applicable

Blue Terra diaries


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Relaxing Massage, Friendly ambience, Supportive team…what else is more to life!

Spa in Noida

Best massage in Noida

Venue: Blue Terra Spa, Noida

Feedback: Great team of Manager and therapist for a great experience

July 14, 2016

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We care for those who matter to you – Customize Spa gift for your loved ones

Spa gift

Personalised Spa gift

Occasion: Marriage Anniversary

Feedback: “Beautiful personalized arrangements and wonder Spa and hospitality”

July 14, 2016

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