Pain Management

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Pain Management

Using Ayurvedic principles, at Blue Terra wellness, we have evolved combination of Ayurvedic treatments and contemporary massages to develop various pain relieving Ayurvedic therapies like Back & Body Therapy, Insta Relief Therapy etc. These therapies fundamentally work on aggravated Vata Doshas with (Ayurvedic word representing Air). Aggravated Vata Dosha causes the degeneration of tissues and the joints of the neck. In-house doctors do a diagnosis of various cases on a need basis and prescribe therapies & medicines for relief from pain.

At Blue Terra, we provide treatments for back pain or cervical spondylitis and other joint aches through Massage Therapies and Ayurvedic treatments. Guest could either opt for tried and tested Ayurvedic treatments like Potli or Basti Therapy or they could avail newly developed therapies by our Spa doctors. These therapies combine the best of medical sciences like Ayurveda and Physiotherapy in addition to massage therapy. These therapies are administered under the guidance of medical counsellor.


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Cases that could get benefitted from pain Management therapies are

Back Pain

We have seen almost 80% relief in back Pain using Pain Management therapies. Some of the most effective therapies to provide relief from Back Pain are Back & Body Therapy (Combination therapy) & Balinese Therapy (Holistic Therapy). For more details on how to avoid or treat Back Pain, read articles

For home treatment, use an Ayurvedic Joint and Back Pain Oil for effective and immediate relief. Blue Nectar has range of Devtvakadi Cinnamon Joint and Back Pain oil containing 9 Vital herbs. This could be used for relief from Back & Joint Pain in addition to Joint Strengthening.

Joint Pain

Like Back Pain, Joint Pain also happens due to aggravated Vata Dosha. Treatment for relief from Joint Pain is same as treatment for Back Pain. Joint Pain could also be due to Arithritis. While Pain Management therapies are effective in Joint Pain as well, it is suggested to consult inhouse doctor for any additional therapies or medicines to get relief from Arithritis. Read more on how to treat Joint Pain naturally below.

Neck & Shoulder Pain

Caused due to wrong posture, excessive driving or working on PC, this is one of the most common problem in today’s world. This could be most likely due to rubbing of discs with each other and Pain Management therapies provide good relief from Neck and Shoulder Pain with therapies like Back & Body Therapy, Neuro Muscular Stimulation therapy.

Knee Pain

Knee Pain could be due to old age or nutrient deficiency in the body. In case Knee Pain happens before age of 55, it could be due to nutrient deficiency and lack of exercise. Potli therapy and Basti causes relief from Knee Pain. Along with therapies, Ayurvedic medicines and exercises will be of great help in providing relief from Knee Pain.

Lot of stress is linked to physical fatigue which could be due to exertion, travelling or sedentary lifestyle. Back & Body therapy through its Potli massage addresses aching back, neck and shoulder. Following Deep Tissue oil massage helps as an icing on cake with reawakening of dulled senses.

Duration: 60 min. | Price: Rs. 2,950/3100*

Back & Body Therapy with Devtvakadi Cinnamon Oil is double effective – due to potent combination of 17 Vital herbs Devtvakadi Oil & Potli massage.

Duration: 60 min. | Price: Rs. 3,000/3,200*

Roller Pin is yet another hidden gem in our kitchen. Most helpful for high pressure roller therapy to address pain in Leg or Back area. Followed by Oil massage to culminate the ultimate experience with relaxation.

Duration: 60 min. | Price: Rs. 2,750/2,950*

Potli means cloth bag. During this treatment, medicinal boluses contained in a potli are externally applied on affected body part. It helps balance body dosha (esp vata) – thus helps problems like backaches, sciatica, arthritic problems & different muscular pains. Depending on individual requirement, Navara Kizhi (application of cooked rice in milk), Podi Kizhi (application of medicated powder), Ela Kizhi (application of herbal leaves) is done.


Duration: 60 min. | Price: Rs. 2,750/2,950*

Balinese Therapy is a conventional therapy but very effective and strongly recommended by spa doctors for joint and back pains. It is a full body deep tissue holistic treatment that combines acupressure, reflexology, stretching and aromatherapy to stimulate circulation, ease muscular/ joint pain and help in sports injuries and migraine.


Duration: 75/90 min. | Price: Rs. 2,950/4,000*

Basti is practiced to ease pain in a specified area.  A small circle of paste made from black gram or wheat flour is placed strategically on the paraspinal area. Warmed oil is then poured into the depression created by the ring of paste. This soothes muscular tissue and alleviates pain. Depending on requirement, Girva Basti (cervical pain), Kati Basti (lower back pain) and Janu Basti (knee pain) is done.


Duration: 60 min. | Price: Rs. 2950/3100

Deep Tissue Massage – invented by Therese Phimmer in 1949 to cure paralysis of legs – digs deeper within the body to work out knots and kinks that can be affecting the blood flow and therefore oxygen distribution to core muscles. The strokes are targeted, movement is slower and pressure is deeper. It relieves areas of tension and pain such as stiff necks. Its conventional, tried and tested therapy and most popular for neck, shoulder and back pain relief


Duration: 60 min. | Price: Rs.2950/3100*


Done under expert supervision. G5 massage is a unique fusion therapy combining neuro muscle stimulation techniques with reflexology and acupressure techniques. Especially helpful in treating lumbular disc problems.


Duration: 60 min. | Price: Rs. 2,950/3100

Modern fusion of contemporary therapy (G5 neuro muscle stimulation) & Ayurvedic techniques (Basti) to treat  knee (arthritis) or back related problems.


Duration: 60 min. | Price: Rs. 2,600/2,800

Nothing can bring greater joy than water to parched lips. Similarly, nothing can offer greater relief than Insta Relief therapy to sore spine/back. Modern combination of G5 neuro muscle stimulation and Potli is offered to provide quick relief to affected body part.


Duration: 60 min. | Price: Rs. 2,950/3100

Done under expert supervision. G5 massage is a unique fusion therapy combining neuro muscle stimulation techniques with reflexology and acupressure techniques. Especially helpful in treating lumbular disc problems.

Duration: 60 min. | Price: Rs. 2,950/3100*

*Indicative prices. May vary with location.


Here is a list of key causes that lead to Back Pain or Joint Pain.

Vata dosha

According to Ayurveda, the root cause of pain is vitiated vata dosha in body. Any imbalance in among dosha causes problems.


In so many cases recent injury or past injury are reasons for pain in body


Disturbed lifestyle involving stress, irregular sleep, high intake of junk food and poor eating habits disturb balance of dosha in the body.

Vitamin deficiency

Essential vitamin and minerals play very important role for a healthy life, deficiency of Vit D3 reduce bone strength and one among cause for joint pain.

 Age related

Degenerated disease like O.A, is one among the cause for joint pain



Too much exposure to gadgets and constant working on computer can cause neck /back pain because of wrong posture.


Few common associated symptoms with pain are listed below.


Stiffness around local area


Pain with swelling


Itching  or burning sensation


Restricted movement


Disturb sleep


Changes in sitting posture and walking style due to pain

Specialise Pain Treatment

At Blue Terra, we have answers to all your Pain problems. We offer practical solution of patient condition which are effective and
results-driven.In all kind of joint related pain treatments we use natural products that are good for your health.

If you are looking to get relief from any of these condition , you can consult us any time.


Gout arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis

Psoriatic arthritis

Lumbar spondylitis

Cervical spondylitis

Herniated disc

Disc buldge

Treatment & Therapies

At Blue Terra Clinic, we ensure that you get authentic treatment to cure the problem . We do not believe just provide you symptomatic relief, Our team of  experienced doctors and staff will make sure that you get solution of your problem  .

Spa Deals for your Pocket

We not only provide relaxation to your mind & body but also to your pocket. Go ahead and pick your Spa deal.

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