10 Daily habits to reduce chronic pain

If you don’t suffer from chronic pain, you probably know someone who does. More than 100 million people suffer from some form of chronic pain. Living with chronic pain on a daily basis is never easy. On top of sticking to your doctor-prescribed medication schedule, there are a few daily habits that can help you in your fight to reduce chronic pain.

Start with exercise. Even a light workout delivers endorphin, chemicals that block pain and improve moods. Always remember to consult your doctor before jumping into any kind of workout regimen. Almost all kinds of pain – Back Pain, Joint Pain, Neck Pain, Knee Pain, Arithritis Pain – can be alleviated with an exercise regime.

50% of pain can be reduced by relaxation. Tension and stress will increase pain. Practice relaxation–it is a learned skill for most people.

Don’t suffer alone. Talking to other people with chronic pain will make you feel less isolated and more in control. Go to social events that you enjoy stay in contact with your family and friends. Socializing may not relieve pain permanently, but put pain at back of your mind. This just about serve the purpose!

It’s no secret that quitting smoking brings nearly immediate help, too, especially for people with chronic pain. Since smoking diminishes circulation and slows healing, stopping is a benefit.

Alcohol is also an enemy of those seeking daily pain relief, as it can cause you to experience restless nights when sleep is vitally important.Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet can help you manage chronic pain. A well-planned diet that focuses on promoting healthy blood sugar levels and maintaining a healthy weight can help keep chronic pain at bay.

Deep breathing and meditation ease stress and relax the body, which also help relieve pain.

Sleeping is a relaxing and restorative time whose importance cannot be overstated. Not getting enough sleep has been linked to all kinds of health issues, including excessive joint pain.

What’s not to like about getting a massage? And there’s evidence that for many kinds of chronic pain—from lower back pain to fibromyalgia.

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