While conventional wisdom states that Kerala is the best place for Ayurvedic treatments, there is no scientific evidence to support the same. When I underwent the Spa treatment at Kerala during this visit, they were no better (if not worse) than what I have seen in good wellness centers in North India.

While I will delve more into why Kerala is famous for Ayurveda (in later articles), Kerala certainly seems to be losing its sheen now. Additionally, because lot of treatments need to be given to patients/customers in their hectic day to day life rather than cutting them off from their day to day life. Treatment given in the midst/chaos of city life will withstand rigour of city life (which is bound to happen) rather than providing symptomatic and psychological relief.

Blue Terra has been doing Ayurvedic and Physiotherapic treatments for joint pain, lumbular back pain with encouraging results. Principles remain same as in Kerala. Just the results are delivered in complex environment of being in city life.