At Blue Terra Spa, we believe that wellness begets togetherness. Wellness of our mind and body is very closely linked to our emotional wellness.

By celebrating our small successes and our relationships, we strengthen our emotional quotient. Another way to improve our emotional quotient is gifting. Many of us derive a lot of joy from gifting. Everyone loves to receive a gift, and many of us equally enjoy giving a special gift.

At Blue Terra Spa, we try to make your special occasions little more special. Our spa gift vouchers are quite popular when people want to gift something different, something meaningful. When a guest enters to avail the gift voucher, we serve her a welcome drink along with a pastry. Spa room is decorated with flowers and candles.

Rejuvenating spa therapy is followed by relaxing steam bath and shower. The session ends with a soothing Green Tea and unique spa gift.

So, if you would like to pamper a dear one, or want someone to relax to beat daily stress, or just surprise your better half, you know where to reach out.

Do share your ideas on how we can make the special a little bit more special.