Kidney Stones – Getting rid of them through Ayurveda

Kidney Stones – Getting rid of them through Ayurveda

None in this world would want to get surrounded with diseases. All of us want a healthy and disease free life.

To get rid of any disease, first of all, one has to maintain a healthy life with some healthy habits.

  1. You have to do physical workout regularly.
  2. You have to consume a healthy diet to stay from the diseases.

But sometimes due to bad habits or some other reasons your body may get attacked by various diseases. In this article, we will discuss about one of such diseas – kidney stones. Following are covered in this article below:

  • The reason behind kidney stone.
  • The symptom which you can notice if you have kidney stone
  • And finally the cure of kidney stones.

Before knowing about the causes, symptoms and the cures of these stone in your kidney, you need to know what these stones are, which components gather to form a stone in your kidney.

What is kidney stone?

Usually, these stones are the accumulation of different minerals in your kidney. The main component which forms the stones in your kidney is Calcium Oxalate. It is a ball shaped structure. It can grow to a size as of a golf ball. These stones are crystalline. The outer surface of the stones are sharp.

The size of these stones may be small which can pass through urinary tract. But this is extremely painful. Due to these stones in your kidney many several disease may arise like blockage of ureter and many more.

Causes of formation of kidney stones

As I have already mentioned in this article before that there are some bad habits and also some medical reasons due to which these stones appear in your kidney.

Before discussing about the bad habits you should know about the medical reasons behind the formation of these stones in your kidney.

The main reason for accumulation of the minerals which leads to the formation of these stones in your kidney is consumption of different medicines. Medicines are obviously required for certain ailments and it is the most important thing to get rid of different diseases. But consumption of different medicines, more than the required amount, can lead to formation of these stones. There are other medical conditions too leading to these stones – hyperparathyroidism, urinary tract infection, renal tubular acidosis are such few.

The bad habit which leads to the formation of these stones is – not drinking sufficient amount of water. If you consume less amount of water then the acid level of your body mainly in your kidney will get raised. Because water dissolves the uric acid present in your kidney and maintains the pH level, it is essential for kidney. There are many people who drink less amount of water. As a result, the minerals don’t get flushed off from kidney and also the acid level rises in kidney.

On an average you should drink at least 8-10 glass of water in a day. This is the minimum amount of water which your body requires to function properly and to maintain the pH level.

Symptoms of having kidney stone

You can’t notice any symptom till the stone reaches your ureter. When the stones reach the ureter you can notice some symptoms which are as follows:

  • Pain in the regions near the ureter. Usually pain occurs in side part of your body.
  • You can see the presence of blood in urine.
  • You can also notice white blood cells or pus along with urine.
  • Multiple vomiting and nausea is another symptom of having kidney stone. You may feel a burning sensation while urinating.
  • You may get fever and chill due to the presence of stone in your kidney. But you will have fever only when there is any infection.
  • The rate of urination gets reduced.
  • You may feel a persistent urge to urinate.

These are the symptoms which you may notice if you have stones in your kidney.

Who are the people prone to this disease

Do you know who are the people who are prone to get this disease? The males are more attacked by this disease than female. It occurs usually at the age of 30-50 years.

How to diagnose Kidney Stones?

Several tests can be performed to diagnose this disease. You can perform a urine test to diagnose this disease. If there is any infection then a blood test can also confirm about the occurrence of this disease. A CT scan and ultrasonography can also confirm the occurrence of the disease.

How to cure Kidney Stones? Treatments available

There are various ways to cure this disease. The medical science has now advanced. It provides some medicines which can cure this disease. There are also some natural treatment for kidney stones. Let us discuss about those treatments.

The medical way to cure this disease is to dissolve the stones through medicines. There are such medicines available, which reduces the size of the stone and flushes it out through the urinary tract. But this method is very painful. Another method to get rid of this disease is to operate the organ and remove the stone. But there are many people who don’t prefer this method. After all, a surgery is a surgery!!

Natural ways to get rid of Kidney Stone

There are some natural methods which can cure this problem. Nowadays, ayurvedic treatment for kidney stone is being preferred by the people all over the world. This is probably the only method, where you don’t need to face any pain. There are many ayurvedic medicines for kidney stone available in the market. You can consume those medicines and get relieved from the pain of bearing this disease.

Consuming medicine is probably a better option than to operate the organ. But to prevent the occurrence of this disease you have to keep yourself hydrated. Drink a lot of water to get a healthy life.

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