Back Pain can happen to anyone but can massage prevent it?

Back pain is experienced by almost all of us at some stage of our lives. Sometimes it becomes extremely unbearable that it starts restricting our day to day lives.

Why does Back Pain happen?

Here are some of the most common factors that give you an achy back-


Your body is flooded with cortisol hormone when stress overwhelms your nervous system; cortisol causes tension in your back, shoulder and neck area which can lead to pain and spasms.

Relaxation techniques like deep breathing, muscle relaxation, meditation, yoga or a simple de-stress massage can help ease these problems. The relaxation massage puts the brakes on stress and anxiety by quieting the mind and relaxing the body.

Your fashionable high-heel shoes

Your fashionable high-heel shoes may also be a reason for your back pain. High heel shoes put your feet into unnatural position every time you step; you lean forward to walk which in turn puts more strain and stress on the lower back.

Fashionable High Heel Shoes could cause Back Pain

To get rid of this type of back pain you should choose comfortable cushioned shoes which can keep your feet and lower back happy all day long. A gentle massage using some herbal pain relief oil will give you quick relief from the pain you are experiencing in your feet as well as in lower back region.

High fat diet

According to a study published in the Asian Spine Journal 2014, 30% women and 25 % men suffering from back pain also had some or the other kind of gastrointestinal problems like stomach pain and food allergies. Scientists claim that there is a relationship between the food we consume and inflammation. High fat and high sugar food causes inflammation in the body especially in back and joints.

So if you want to see some improvement in your back pain and other types of body pains like joints pain etc, you should cut down the high fat and high sugar food from your diet.


Those extra pounds on your body might be causing a constant pressure on your spine and the muscles supporting it. Excess weight can aggravate your back pain; it has been observed that overweight people are usually at higher risk for fatigue, back pain, joints pain and muscle pain than others. If you carry extra body fat especially around your middle-section of body, you should take steps to remove those extra pounds in order to get a permanent solution for your achy back.


Your desk job

At the molecular level, our body is designed for regular movement, but unfortunately most of us spend whole day sitting down at work. This causes tightening of the muscles and we get muscle stiffness, neck and back pain.

Back Pain

Desk Job causes Back Pain

Stretching your body every now and then and walking for few minutes might help you get quick and short-term relief from pain and stiffness. Take regular massage from a therapist, it will help your muscles to get relaxed and soothed; moreover a regular massage routine will also promote correct posture, and prevent desk job pains and stiffness.

Poorly designed mattress and improper sleeping positions

If you wake up each morning with an achy back but the pain goes away with slight stretching then it may be an indication that the mattress is poorly-designed or not suitable for your body.

Remember that you spend 7-8 hours every day on that mattress, choose a mattress that can give you better sleep and less pain, instead of being economical and buying an unsuitable one.

Many times, back pain is also caused by our sleep positions. If your natural sleeping position is making the back pain worse then try using soft pillows for extra support.

Apart from these factors, several medical conditions may also cause pain in back, neck and shoulder areas; a slipped (prolapsed) disc, sciatica and spondylitis are few to name.


Massage as a treatment for Back Pain

Good circulation is very important for a healthy body and massage is one of the best ways to increase the blood circulation throughout the body. Be it muscle tension, neck, back or shoulder pain, one can simply rely on massage therapies. Reasonably firm massage strokes improve the circulation and help in supplying oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. Regular massage therapy supports flexibility and movements. Regular massage sessions help lubricate spinal joints and improve overall spinal health.

Back Pain Massage

Massage as a treatment for Back Pain

Sedentary life style, obesity and wrong posture often causes tension in lower back region; massage can give astonishing results in the treatment of chronic back pain by reducing tension and strain in lower back.

There are so many types of massage therapies that are specifically designed for back pain treatment. However a combination of Swedish massage and deep tissue massage is mostly used by professional massage therapists. A variety of strokes like pounding, tapping and kneading are used to ease the muscle knots and improve circulation.

In back massage techniques, the main focus is mostly on increasing the circulation in the congested area; moreover, improved lymphatic drainage due to better circulation help release the toxic waste from your body. A qualified therapist with full awareness about the muscular system can give you right pressure on right area. After applying the warm oils evenly on your body with long flowing strokes, the therapist uses the whole surface of her hands and stroke firmly upwards from the lower back to the neck and shoulder region. Oil is used to reduce the friction on the skin and prevent the pulling of hair. For more details, read

Different types of massage treatments for back pain

After carefully accessing your back problem, an experienced massage therapist will advice you one specific type of massage or a combination of massage techniques. Some of the most commonly used massage therapies for back pain are-

Balinese Therapy Most popular because it is effective is Balinese Therapy in case of Back Pain. Most of doctors or physiotherapist will advise backward bending of back to get relief from Back Pain. Balinese Therapy starts with exactly that – stretching of body to relieve stiffness. Stretching is followed by full body deep tissue holistic treatment that combines acupressure, reflexology, stretching and aromatherapy to stimulate circulation, ease muscular/ joint pain and help in sports injuries and migraine. If you want to go with tried and tested, Balinese Therapy for Back Pain shall be your choice.

Back & Body Therapy It is one of the unique therapies to Blue Terra Wellness Spa that is not available anywhere else. Screening and combining some of the most effective treatments for Back Pain, Back & Body Therapy consists of Full Body Oil Massage followed by Ayurvedic Potli massage on affected area. Potli massage has been treatment of choice of Ayurvedic practitioners for years. Back & Body Therapy is potent combination of Ayurvedic Potli for Back Pain and full body Oil massage for relaxation and relief from Back Pain.

Swedish Massage This is a gentle and light massage technique which is mostly used to relax the entire body. Swedish massage is extremely helpful in flushing away toxic wastes and improving blood circulation.

Massage treatment for BackPain

Swedish Massage

Deep Tissue Massage – This type of massage helps in the healing and recovering from sports injuries; this therapy can also be helpful in easing muscle pain and stress. With improved flow of nutrients and oxygen, it automatically helps in reducing back pain.

Hot Stone Massage – This therapy helps in relieving muscle tension and eliminating harmful substances clogged in the muscles. The smooth, water-heated stones increase the blood flow and alleviate body pain. This therapy is highly beneficial in reducing muscle spasm. People who suffer from back pain or muscle pain are often advised to get this therapy.


Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage is an effective treatment for Back Pain


Even if you dont find time to visit a good Spa, you could do a simple massage at home with a good Ayurvedic Back Pain and Joint Strengthening Oil


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