What do Therapist Expect from a Good Customer?

What do Therapist Expect from a Good Customer?

Almost everybody is familiar with the phrase ‘Customer is king’. Whether a business is big or small its success is largely dependent on getting good customers. There is a lot of emphasis on providing good customer service since it leads to a loyal customer base. Every customer like to be treated well. However certain things are expected from the customer as well. If you expect respect you should give equal respect too. Expectations are not a one-way street. Businesses have expectations too and want their staff be treated well by customers. We look at things therapists expect from a good customer.

• Treats the Therapist Well

The customer should treat the therapist as he/she wishes to be treated by the therapist. If the customer has made a mistake he/she should admit it and apologize as the situation demands. He/she should not lose his/her temper if the therapist makes a mistake. He/she can gently and diplomatically point out the error. The therapist is a human being too with emotions as well as sensitivities. Don’t say or do anything that hurts or belittles him/her. You may have an issue with the organization. Don’t vent it on the therapist. He/she is an employee and is doing a job with the best of his/her abilities. It’s better to approach the customer service representative or the manager in case of grievances.

Therapist Behaviour

• Behave Professionally

The customer should not treat the therapist as a slave or servant. Just because you have paid for the service you can’t behave with or treat people in any manner you want. The therapist is a professional and behaves as such. Don’t use uncouth language or speak in a loud and threatening manner.

• Keeps Phone Silent

The therapist requires silence to go about his/her job efficiently as well as effectively. Many customers carry their phone with them wherever they go. The sound of a phone ringing or taking a phone call during a session is indeed annoying. Either switch off your phone or put in silent mode during a therapist’s session.

• Not Asking for Sexual Favours

This behavior is unacceptable in a professional environment. Keep your private life private. Asking for sexual favors may land you into legal trouble. Just because the customer has paid for the service he/she cannot engage in unacceptable behavior. The spa is no place for flirting.

Professional Therapist

• Talk Slowly

Every therapist cannot grasp what a customer is saying if he/she talks fast. By talking slowly, it is easier to grasp what the customer wants. The customer should not speak in a loud tone as it may disturb others.

• Maintain Decorum of Spa

The Best Spa will have other customers too. The customer should obey the rules and conduct himself/herself in a professional manner. Mutual respect and cultured/civilized behavior are mandatory.

• Follow Therapist Instruction to Get Full Benefit

The therapist is qualified and trained to deliver results. Following your own instincts or omitting certain instructions may cause the treatment to fail. If you have any doubts or misgivings clear them at the earliest. The therapist will only be happy to resolve your issues.

• Trust your Therapist

No treatment is effective until the customer trusts it to work. If you lack trust better not to go with the therapist. You should have confidence as well as faith in the expertise of the therapist.

Professionals Therapist

• Shares Responsibility

A good customer understands that both the therapist and himself/herself need to put in efforts for the relevant treatment to succeed. The former doesn’t simply blame the therapist in case of failure. He/she should admit to any mistakes made by himself/herself that caused the treatment to fail.

• Is Patient

Some treatments need time to work. If stopped midway or done hurriedly the treatment will fail in spite of the best efforts of both the therapist and customer. Patience is a major quality expected in good customers.

• Doesn’t Discuss the Financial Part

The therapist may not own the spa though it may happen in a few cases. Talk about the money part with the administration. Don’t try to get a bargain from the therapist as he/she has no role in it.

• Is Punctual

Don’t customers get angry when someone doesn’t honour appointments or turns up late? A therapist expects punctuality from the customer. The customer should inform in advance if he/she is not going to turn up for the appointment or may arrive late. No one likes to be kept waiting and that is true of therapists as well.

• Dresses Properly

A dressing is a personal choice but maintaining the decorum of the spa is equally important. Wear clothes in a manner that doesn’t offend or embarrass others.

Spa Therapist

• Is Clear About Expectations

The customer should be absolutely clear about what he/she expects from the treatment. Otherwise, there will be disappointments later. A good customer has clarity of expectations as well as communicates the same clarity to the therapist.

• Leaves in Time

Everyone appreciates the importance of arriving on time but do we think about the importance of leaving at the stipulated time? The therapist may have other customers or responsibilities to attend to. Respect other people’s time and they will respect yours.

• Is Understanding

Empathy is an important quality present in good customers. If a customer is suffering from a contagious disease better he/she wait until the ailment clears up. Otherwise, he/she may transmit the disease to the spa’s staff as well as other customers who come in the proximity.

• Pays Attention to Signs

Usually, signs are put up regarding the rules and policies of the establishment. Most of us don’t bother to read it. Even if few read the signs very few actually follow the rules. A good customer is alert to the signs as well as faithfully follows them.

• Follows Politeness

A good customer uses the terms ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’ often. He/she criticizes in private and praises in public. He/she is gentle yet assertive.

Even if you already are a good customer there is scope for improvement. Ask the therapist regarding his/her expectations of you. Then you will be on the road to becoming a model customer.

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