Top reasons for Back Pain

Top reasons for Back Pain

Almost 80% of us suffer from Back Pain at some stage in our lives. Back Pain is a culmination of inadvertently accumulated bad habits like Back posture, work station posture, foot wear, sleep posture etc. What is worrying is despite our various graduation and post graduation degrees, we may manage multi dollar businesses, but we dont learn to manage a simple machine – our body!

Here are simple tips to avoid if you want to live a Back Pain free life!


When summers are on, flip-flops are what we put on!” In warm weather we love wearing flip-flops while running or walking. But coming to a deeper study on the same, flip-flops do cause shortening of your gait and thus reduces a comfortable movement and in turn increases the chances of fatigue in lower body or cause pain in the knee and feet. They also cause stress in the toes and leading to pain in feet.

Excessive Mobile Phone usage could cause Back Pain


Beep’, ‘Tap tap tap’, ‘Ping’. ‘Beep’, ‘Tap tap tap’, ‘Ping’… The constant cycle of texts, instant messages and tweets has been established to affect eye health, increase stress levels and result in poor sleep. Now, however, research shows that your mobile phone may also be the culprit of back pain and neck strain.

Your Wallet

Millions of guys drive with their wallet in their back pocket, but they can’t figure out why they moan whenever they get out of the car. But sitting on your wallet while you drive is a recipe for lower back pain and – if you do it often enough — nerve pain that shoots down your leg. Riding with one cheek higher than other can trigger chronic pain in your back, hips, and shoulders. It can even set off foot cramps.

Driving could cause Back Pain


Approximately 30-60% of drivers report back pain that is caused or made worse by driving. This is not uncommon as driving exposes the body to many different forces including acceleration, deceleration and most notably vibration. Larger heavy goods vehicle drivers are exposed to a lot of vibration and consequently this group of people report more back pain. Driving also involves the use of your feet to control the car’s pedals which means they are not used to help stabilise and support your lower body as they normally would when sitting. A combination of these factors as well as the inadequate design of some vehicle seats can cause back problems for some.

Video Games

The human body was just not designed for sitting for long periods of time. Many serious video gamers report spending countless hours playing their favorite games. This can take its toll on the body, especially the neck and back. Nearly three quarters of primary school children and nearly two thirds of secondary school age children have reported back or neck pain in the past year, a study found.

Your Baby

As a new mum your focus is on your baby, however caring for your new born, especially as they grow and develop can also put strain on you and your body. Many mums do not get the chance to stop and think about some of the positions they are putting themselves in during the range of new repetitive activities of being a new mum. These repetitive stresses can lead to RSI’s (repetitive stress injuries)

Laptop bag 

One of the most overlooked culprits of back, neck, shoulder and even lower back and hip pain is the way we are carrying our laptops around.  Most of us carry around our laptops in a laptop carrier, shoulder bag, messenger bag or back pack.  And once you factor in the laptop itself, power chords, notebooks, files, maybe a bottle of water and other personal items, you quickly find yourself lugging around a mighty heavy bag which can take it’s toll.

Sleeping habits

If you wake up sore most mornings, take a good look at your sleep posture. Stomach sleepers may twist their necks to the point of hyperextension. Other people sleep on their sides with one arm overhead. After many hours, this position can strain the shoulder.

Work station

The most common causes for work-related back pain are strained muscles or ligaments, wear and tear, bad posture and stress, and most of us will have some back pain at some point. Usually, it’s not serious, and the pain clears up (although that can take up to 6 weeks).But you want to do all you can to take preventative measures at work – keeping you away from the osteopath or chiropractor. In the modern workplace, that’s not always possible The body can tolerate being in one position for only a short period of time before you feel the need to adjust

Shoulder Rides

It’s classic family fun: A parent walking along with a delighted child enjoying a shoulder ride. But lifting kids overhead is a common source of neck and shoulder pain.


The most common is simply muscle tension. Anxiety can drastically increase muscle tension, which in turn increases pain. Since the back contains a variety of muscles that are known to tense during stress, this can lead to mild to severe back pain in both the upper and lower back.


While there are many reasons for Back Pain, prevention and cure is surprisingly simpler. Read more on or apply at home for immediate relief


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