Rejuvenate yourself with spa treatments during monsoon

Rejuvenate yourself with spa treatments during monsoon


Spa Treatments during Monsoon

Monsoon is always a wonderful time. The wet and foggy mornings, dark clouds and drizzles make the place, a fairyland as they bring relief after scorching heat. According to Ayurveda, body is at its weakest during Monsoons.  Also, monsoons are associated with many common health problems like Colds and Coughs, Viral infections etc. It is therefore imperative to provide constant support and rejuvenation mechanism to the body to maintain its immunity and strength.

Immune system is weaker in rainy season, regular massage therapy treatments help boost the immune system. When your immune system is stronger, your body is more prepared to defend itself against those viral infection  around your workplace, school or even your home during this season months.. So keep yourself healthy during monsoon by scheduling regular massage appointments.


Monsoon is the best period for ‘Spa treatment’ because during this time round, the season remains moist. Particles of dust and soil are present less in the air. The pores of body open up easily during this season giving the best treatment result as it improves the skin’s complexion and helps to build proper tissues in the body . Massage helps to increase the circulation of blood and lymph thereby enabling the body to get rid of excess of the water. Massage helps to preserve longevity, helping to retain youthfulness and revitalise body and mind


For specific ailment like common cold, do request for eucalyptus oil usage during Monsoon for relief from Common Cold. Do observe certain precaution to realise full benefits of Spa massage

  1. Ensure that Air conditioning set at a temperature that is comfortable to you. As you will be disrobing for Spa treatment, bare body is more sensitive to lower temperature
  2. Do take hot steam post therapy. Steam helps to open nasal passage, blocked nose and decongest Chest. In short, it helps to declutter ENT route and provide instant relief from Common cold
  3. Do take few minutes to enjoy hot tea post Spa therapy. Any good spa shall offer green tea with other condiments like dry fruits, honey or fresh fruits post therapy. The time that you spend in consuming tea act to condition your body and act as good and slow transition from relaxed/controlled/heated atmosphere of Spa rooms to polluted/noisy atmosphere outside
  4. Last but not the least – stay in present during Massage. Switch off phone, stop worrying about deadlines, To do List, mistakes committed or hurdles ahead. Live in present and enjoy the Spa with your and only yourself.


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