Lifestyle changes after the age of 30

Lifestyle changes after the age of 30

It is true that the lifestyle you follow in your thirties reflects how healthy you would be in your sixties. Although, you may not look or feel much different than you did a few years ago, your body keeps changing bit by bit. Health problems, especially lifestyle-related ones, starts coming up after you turn 30.

Due to today’s fast life a lot of people who are in their thirties suffer from Back Pain and Joint Pains. Depression and anxiety is also pretty common, hence it is important to take care of your mental health.

There is a stigma attached with thirties age line that once you reach the thirties you are no more considered young. The truth is that the feeling of being  young or old is a state of mind. Making a few changes to one’s lifestyle will lead to a healthier and happier life. So, here are the certain lifestyle changes to make before blowing those 30 candles on the cake.

EAT HEALTHY: This may sound dubious but is an obvious truth. Thirties is the high time when you need to start eating healthy. It cannot be stressed enough that how following a Healthy Diet is extremely important to live a healthy life. All that you read in magazines, newspapers, web articles and blogs are very true and you should make this change when you step in your thirties.

Cut down on those extra calories, fats, carbohydrates, sugar and everything that is harmful for your health. Always avoid junk food, those pizzas may taste delicious, but they are really bad for health.  Try to eat more protein, vitamins and minerals loaded food. Follow a well-balanced healthy diet rich in protein, vitamins and low in saturated fats. Include a lot of greens, fruits and vegetables in your diet. So, make a Healthy Diet regime and eat accordingly.

REGULAR EXERCISE: If you had no workout routine previously, then make a new regime and start following it religiously. Exercising on a regular basis would help you stay fit and young. You will definitely be more energetic and full of zest. No matter how busy your life is, you can always take some time to exercise. Even 30 minutes of daily exercise can do wonders, both for your body and your mind.

Back Pain relief

Motion is the best lotion

If you don’t want to work out rigorous at the gym, then running and Stretching are good options. Simple measures such as taking the stairs instead of the lift will also help. Moderate exercise will help you get rid of even the slightest Back Pain or Joint Pain. Always remember, Motion is the Best Lotion.

AVOID ADDICTION: Since you are not in twenties anymore, your body may not be able to handle that binge drinking sessions like it had earlier. Same goes with smoking. If you are a frequent drinker or a chain smoker, then you need to cut back. Try to get rid of all the bad habits. If you can’t stop smoking completely, then cut down slowly on the number of cigarettes. Cigarettes come with a warning. Do read the warning every time you take out one from the packet. It may help to wake up your conscience.  Also, try to limit your drinking sessions to once a week or on on special occasions.

GETTING ENOUGH SLEEP: Getting enough sleep is really important for your overall health. Besides, giving you ugly dark circles, lack of sleep can stop you from functioning properly. Try to get a minimum of 6-8 hours of sleep daily. Do not compromise on your sleep unless it is a need of the hour situation. Getting sound sleep will keep you fresh and energetic throughout the day. If you have trouble falling asleep, then have a cup of chamomile tea before hitting the bed at night. Also, refrain from using mobile phones, tabs, computers and laptops at bedtime. Read a book instead.

Getting an ayurvedic massage like Shirodhara will induce a good night sleep. Shirodhara is nothing but a gentle massage on your forehead through a continuous flow of warm ayurvedic oil.

INDULGE IN SOME ‘Me’/ ‘Spa’ TIME: It is really important to follow this point. Indulge in quality ‘me’ time, twice a week. You can do anything that you enjoy doing. Pamper yourself by getting a Spa Massage or a Body Massage once in a fortnight. You could also go for a movie or read a book. You could even start pursuing a new hobby. Basically, make sure to do something that you enjoy and makes you happy and stress free.

I, me, myself

REGULAR HEALTH CHECK UP: It is an old but a wise saying – Prevention is better than cure. It is a wise idea to get a full body check-up done annually after you enter the thirties and half yearly after you enter forties. This will help you diagnose your health problems, if any, at an early stage.

For women, it is recommended to get a mammogram done every year. It is proved in various studies that diagnosing breast cancer early reduces the risk of dying from the disease by 25% to 30%.

Most of the health problems arise from a bad lifestyle or poor mental health. To overcome mental health problem, visit a spa and take a membership plan. Go for a de-stress therapy and make sure that you stick to your plan.

PURSUING THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE: Following your passion is the best thing you could ever do. If you are not satisfied with your job, then thirties is the perfect time to quit and start exploring your passion.

Even if you are happy with your job but that’s not your passion, take time out of your schedule and pursue what you really love. Travel to new places, cities, countries, meet new people, explore new cultures, take pictures, paint, go hiking, take dancing lessons, write a book; just do whatever that makes you truly happy.

Pursuing your heart and hobby is one of the most significant lifestyle changes that should be made when you are in your thirties. By doing this you will get to know yourself better and will be at peace with yourself

START LOVING YOURSELF: Loving yourself is necessary especially when you hit your thirties. A lot of people start getting depressed thinking that they are getting older and they can’t have fun like before. So avoid all the negative thoughts and learn to love yourself. In order to do that you have to first believe in yourself and bring back the confidence in yourself. Be proud of your appearance, your mind, ambitions and dreams. Don’t get affected by any criticism and love yourself wholly.

BE CONTENT: There is nothing wrong in wanting to be more successful. It is good to try to achieve more and grow more. However, you should be content with what you already have. You should stay happy in every situation and under every circumstance. This will bring an inner peace and satisfaction.

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