Pain is said to be caused by the interaction between the sensory nerves and our feelings and memories, sometimes even beliefs. The feeling of pain is crucial because that way the person can adopt precautionary measures to prevent it and also be aware of relieving pain. However, sometimes, pain can be stubborn.

Certain types of pain are experienced by everybody at various points of their life. Back pain is one of them. Unfortunately, a large number of people experience back pain. It could range from being mild to serious to chronic. If you experience any kind of serious back problems, a visit to the doctor is a must. It should be a preferable option than waiting for it out to subside on its own or taking matters in own hands.

Pain is a sensory feeling that humans have experienced ever since they came into being. With the advent of science and technology, we have been successful in handling various health problems. Be it major or minor, most of the pain can be relieved using pain relieving sprays, pills, gels and even massage gadgets. It is surprising, that most of us don’t know that there are numerous natural remedies to heal pain, all free of cost.

However, before everything else, you must know the underlying cause of back pain so that you can have a clear idea of what you are experiencing and thus determine if professional medical aid is required or not.




Like everything else, back pain also has certain causes and types. Some are caused by normal circumstances and can be healed naturally at home where as some can be severe and should not be ignored at all costs. Here is a list of common causes of back pain:-

  • Accidents: Accidents occur all the time. They surely can be prevented, but sometimes things don’t go your way and every time you cannot be blamed. Back pain is commonly associated with accidents and can either be mild or severe depending on its graveness.
  • Sport injuries: Playing sports is one of the best exercises. It is a common activity that people of almost all ages engage in. However, sports can also lead to injuries which could cause back pain.
  • Poor posture: Bad posture plays a major role in causing back problems. Poor sitting and standing habits leads to muscle tension in spine. Slouching in a chair, sticking your bottom out, standing with a flat back, rounded shoulders, standing with tummy out, are few of the instances of wrong posture, which could result in back problem.


Poor Posture due to Desk Job

  • Obesity:

    One of the leading causes of back pain is obesity. Obese and overweight people have lower back problems more than non-overweight people. This happens as the excess weight on tummy pulls the pelvis forward, straining the lower back and hence causing lower back pain. According to the American Obesity Association, women who are obese or who have a large waist size are particularly at risk for lower back pain.

  • Osteoporosis:

    Osteoporosis is a bone disease which leads to bone density loss. This is one of the graver causes of back problems and even chronic pain. A professional medical help is definitely needed in such a case.

  • Sedentary lifestyle:

    A sedentary lifestyle is surely not an acceptable one. Prolonged sitting and poor posturing due to a sedentary life is one of the causes of chronic back pain, neck pain, muscle pain and in some cases also might lead to Cervical Spondylosis.

More tips to get relief from chronic pain could be found in


Prevention is better than cure. Even though Back pain is something that almost everybody experiences in life, we can still prevent it. Mild back pain is harmless, but ignoring it and letting it grow could lead to seriouschronic back problem. Hence, better safe than sorry, because, why not? Here is a list on How to prevent back pain from causing problems in your daily life:-

Exercise and Yoga:

Being physically active and exercising everyday in your life not only keeps your muscles healthy and active but also strengthens the spine, thereby reducing the chances of experiencing back pain every now and then. If you happen to have chronic back pain, it can even act as a cure. Yoga is also effective because it improves bodily function.


Cobra Pose in Yoga strengthens back

  • Maintain good food habits:

    Eating right keeps your weight in check, your digestive tracks functioning properly and in turn maintains your spine. We should eat a balanced diet, which ensures proper nourishment for our muscles, tissues, tendons and bones. A good diet should take care of our Calcium, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Iron, Magnesium and other Vitamins requirement.


Good food habits is a solution to many problems

  • Sleep on your sides:

    Sleeping on sides is the best position for sleeping. Ensure to draw your legs slightly towards your chest and keep a pillow between your legs. Sleeping in this position takes away the stress from the back than while sleeping flat on your back. A pillow supporting your head while you sleep is also important as it reduces stress and keeps you comfortable hence preventing back and neck problems.

  • Maintaining a good posture:

    A sedentary lifestyle is one of the major cause of bad posture. Avoid slouching over your computer and work at a proper and comfortable workstation both at office and also at home. Do stretching exercises between long intervals of work hours.

  • Reduce Stress:

    You will be surprised to know that stress also has a negative impact on your back causing back problems often. It tenses up your muscles leading to back pain. Major stress busters include Yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, body massage and the like.


De-stress and relax


Almost every ailment has a cure. A common health problem such as back pain has innumerable cures likebody massage, most of which can be acquired without medical assistance as well. We tend to depend on technology and science so much that we don’t give a damn about simple home remedies or natural ways to cure back pain. We forget that there are many simple and natural ways to get rid of back pain. Here are a few natural remedies which might help reduce back pain:-

  • Yoga and stretching:

    Yoga, undoubtedly is one of the most effective treatment for back pain and could work better than medical treatments. Various studies have found out that stretching, like yoga, also helps to loosen tense and tight muscles, cures muscle stiffness and is a good natural pain reliever.

  • Massage:

    Getting a massage on a weekly basis is a good stress buster and reduces muscle and back pain. Ayurvedic Potli massage also help alleviate pain that results from diseases like spondylosis and osteoarthritis. It provides an instant relief from back pain. More details on how Massage could help for Back Pain treatment could be found in


    Massage acts as a quick pain reliever

  • Acupuncture:

    Just like back massage, acupuncture is also a great way to relieve stress. It is extremely effective and relaxing, even if the idea of needles being inserted in your skin might disturb you.

  • Pilates:

    If you are experiencing back pain, under no circumstance should you give up on exercise. Keep yourself moving. Pilates strengthens our core, which takes away the load from our back. Pilates is all about controlled breathing and a strong core.


    Pilates Strengthens Back and Core

Pain is most likely unavoidable. We humans experience it in our day to day lives. However, there are many ways to cure them and lead a healthier and happy life, as the saying goes, “Where there is a will, there is a way”. Keeping yourself a step ahead is also a good way to go. For instance, using Pain Oil for body massage instead of regular oil or trying out different activities like aquatic therapy, tai chi etc . The point to note is – Be on your feet and keep moving.

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