What to expect in a Spa & Massage center and how to get best out of my massage?

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It may sound as cliched as ‘What to expect in a joy ride’ but as all roller coasters are different, so are all Spa and Body massage centers. You may get promise of world class Spa but may land up in a massage parlour if you dont do your homework properly. Hence, through this article, I attempt to explain what you may expect in a Spa and how to choose a Spa depending your requirement.

Beauty Spa or Wellness Spa – Does any body care?

Spa are known by different names – wellness center, Spa, body massage center, body massage parlour, therapy center but to me all essentially mean the same thing and ‘attempt’ to deliver the same benefit. Few years ago, when Spa industry was nascent and beginning to spread its wings, we were at the cross roads and had two choices in front of us. First option was to make Blue Terra Spa a beauty destination offering different kind of beauty services like Body scrubs, Pedicure and other Salon services. Second option was for Blue Terra Spa to become a wellness destination which could offering preventive and curative treatments for lifestyle disorders. I must admit that both these options of taking either beauty route or wellness route were very enticing and attractive, but we were clear that we need to decide and adopt clear path rather than traversing aimlessly. As we have always been passionately inclined towards Ayurvedic therapies and magic they bring in our lives, we chose latter option of making Blue Terra Spa a wellness Spa with Ayurvedic clinic. This is also aligned with history and evolution of massages where Deep Tissue massage was invented to cure paralysis of legs and Ayurvedic therapies and treatment were used by sages and practitioners to reverse their Body Age.

Body Massage to cure paralysis of legs….Yes, it has been done in the past!

Massage for Back Pain

Once we finalized therapeutic route as way forward for Blue Terra Spa, we studied ayurvedic therapies with clinical precision. With the help of Ayurvedic doctors in our panel & feedback from customer, we combined these Ayurvedic treatments along with Spa therapies to create fusion therapies like Back & Body Massage, G5 Neuro stimulation therapies, Roller Therapy that could offer not only relaxation treatment but also offer relief from Pain and stress to our customer. Now we solicit guests who are looking for not only pampering, but those guests who treatment massages as an integral part of their lifestyle or who treatment wellness as pillar of their life. And I shamelessly admit that it is also linked to business motive and we seek to invite and bring to our Spa everyone but none:)

Choose your Spa & Body Massage wisely

Select a Spa

How to select a Spa

At Blue Terra spa, we dont boast of swanky interiors or location in fancy mall, but we do promise a professional spa experience where you could proudly visit with your family and get Spa from trained and well groomed therapists. At the reception, you will find a spacious & comfortable seating where you could study and discuss with manager on most suitable therapy for you. Just a ready reckoner for you so that I dont get lost in our 24 pager menu book:

What I am looking for? What do I expect massage to do for me? Recommended Massage
Soft to medium pressure massage General relaxation Swedish/Aromatherapy Massage/Abhyangam
Medium to hard pressure massage Pain Management
Stress Management
Balinese Therapy or Back & Body Therapy or RMB therapy or Ache Alleviation therapy or Insta relief therapy
Medium to hard pressure massage Stress management Shirodhara Therapy/ RMB Therapy or Balinese Therapy
Gift Voucher Personalized Arrangement Ask our team for option of massages and special arrangements


Above table is only a ready reckoner and our manager at front desk shall be happy to suggest a therapy of your choice or therapy most suitable for you.

Once you select a therapy, you will be allotted a room and a therapist. Your room is comfortable enough to house a Spa bed, cupboard to keep your belonging and a steam/shower facility where you could get refreshed post massage. Your therapist shall be able to guide you and make you comfortable inside the room

Eating Soup with a knife – Dos & donts at Spa

Image result for soup knife

Massage is an intimate activity where therapist has huge responsibility to make you feel N times better than what you were feeling before the therapy. We encourage you to fill pre therapy form which will help therapist understand problem/focus areas and pressure requirement. Therapist will also seek your comfort regarding pressure or focus area during the massage therapy and perform the massage accordingly. What could you help us to deliver a better Spa experience to you

  1. Please keep your mobile phones off or on silent mode while in Spa vicinity
  2. Please reach in time for your Spa appointment. Incase you are getting late, please keep in touch with Spa manager for rescheduling and availability of next Spa slots
  3. Please don’t be in rush to get your therapy completed. Allow sufficient time for therapist/manager to perform their duties like massage, serve of green tea etc which will help us make your Spa experience better.
  4. Please fill pre-therapy and post therapy form which will help us to improve on our service delivery
  5. Respect the dignity and professionalism of therapist by not asking for undue favors during the massage
  6. Keep use of Steam and Shower to stipulated period of 30 min to avoid inconvenience to other Spa guests

I, personally thank you in advance for adhering to these Do’s and dont’s of Spa that will immensely help us. While we don’t claim to be czar of Spa industry, but we do believe in what we do and effect it could have in our guests day to day life.

Transition from Heaven back to earth

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Who wants to leave luxury and comfort of massage and get back to word of stress, dirt and pollution. Guess, none of us have a choice and need to face harsh realities. Post massage and complimentary steam and shower session, do enjoy Green tea which is served with dry fruits and honey.  I call this Green tea time a transition hour where body acclimatizes from comfort of Spa room, heat of Steam room to external environment which is full of noise, pollution and other unhealthy elements. My personal request and advise is not to be in hurry to leave the Spa and budget enough time. There is a selfish motive on why we insist on guests having green tea as Green tea is our inhouse made tea and pet project of our inhouse product development tea. Three Green tea – Rose Green tea, Lemongrass tea & aniseed green tea – are sourced directly from Assam Tea gardens and contains finest quality of Loose tea leaves. These are significantly better than tea dust contained in most of tea bags available in the market.

Spa in my experience is a complex process and there are more than 50 things which could possibly go wrong. And they do actually. While we put in our best effort and try not to leave any stone unturned, but we do make mistakes and have no shame in admitting that. Through our processes, we attempt to minimise these incidences of error and hope to deliver immaculate Spa experience to you and your family. However, if you still face unpleasant experience, we would be most happy to correct and rectify it.


Authored by cofounder of Blue Terra Spa 

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  • Deepika Sahni
    May 1, 2019

    Very insightful and frank article. I have been regular at Blue Terra Spa for last 3 years and way Spa has changed is very vividly described in this article. Good job guys

  • Sunaina Gupta
    May 13, 2019

    I agree. To get the best out of any Spa treatment, we need to follow etiquettes. I once visited a Spa center where I was disturbed frequently by phone calls of guest from next rooms. Thankfully, at Blue Terra Spa, these things are given due importance and I have never faced any such problems

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