Looking For Personalized And Different Gift For My Husband?

Looking For Personalized And Different Gift For My Husband?

Looking For Personalized And Different Gift For My Husband?

Before you plan for any gift let us know what he is fond off or what bothers him most. In the first spaced career and lifestyle, maybe he is stressed. Definitely, your love and passion is instant stress relief. But your care and concern can add to his well-being. Let him Not Manage Stress rather REDUCE Stress. Handover your concerns to us and we would suggest the best personalized spa gift for your Hubby. We can go miles to surprise him that makes the entire experience ravishing and reflect the aura of your love.

How To Go Ahead With The Plan To Surprise Him?Gift a Spa

We have an array of Spa therapies done by Ayurvedic doctors and industry certified experts. Researching the ancient text of Ayurveda, gleaned practices of ancient Rome, pagan rituals of Greek, Blue Terra comprehended therapy procedures that are approved in oriental and occidental spheres using herbal components. Call us or write to us to share your concerns or ideas. We would accomplish it and take a step ahead with our effort and dedication in ensuring the epitome of relaxation, treatment, and wellbeing in luxury.

You may personalize the spa gift according to your wish and within your budget. Here go some of our efforts to accomplish your expectation.

  • How about decorating the spa bed….want to know how? Write a personal message or wish him on any special day. We would inscribe the same on the bed with flowers and other decors. He will enjoy the relaxing spa treatment being sunk with your care and affection.
  • Does he like pastry? How about presenting him a delicious pastry with message of love from you. Especially if it is his Birthday, Promotion or any special occasion “the pastry idea” is ever celebrating in itself.
  • Complimentary Gift from us – Even we are keen to surprise him and make him feel most elated with our Spa service. We would be grateful to get such an opportunity. Hence you may allow us to present a complimentary Spa gift to your loved one.


Also, we would love to know about his requirements or if any special ailment is there which you want to be treated through Spa. If he has a hectic work schedule and common lifestyle disorder then you may Gift a Spa therapy which can relax his fatigued body. Also, there are packages to heal the affected area or excruciating pain. You may also go for a regular healthy ritual through Ayurvedic spa treatment. Let’s delineate in details.


Therapy For Pain, Stress & Slimming – Destress & Detox


Joint Pain, back pain, knee pain, migraine all pains are treated through Ayurvedic Spa therapy. It relaxes the stressed body and mind. Through an intensive study, we have programmed all that can relax our client amongst luxury but not bug the pocket.


A proper massage ritual will help you recover from many major ailments and detox as well. Say a head massage, taking it once or twice a month will not only keep you away from often headache rather doctors say it keeps away Alzheimer or memory loss as well.


Massage therapy from expert hand not just regulates good blood flow through veins and blood vessels but also instantly reduces pain. Ayurveda says if Dosha especially Vata gets imbalanced then it pains the body. Hence treating this Vata will keep you healthy. That is what our expert team promises you through stress management therapies and other spa therapies.


Obesity being a common problem especially for sedentary lifestyle is very hard to fight with. Get our Anti-cellulite massage which will thoroughly tone muscles and skin and along with that reduce the body’s subcutaneous fat.


International Holistic Therapy In Relaxing And Rejuvenating


A fit body can work day in and out with a smile on face and sharp brain. It not just rejuvenate rather maintains the natural equilibrium of the body.


  • Swedish Massage – It detoxifies metabolic waste, manipulates muscles and bones equation in relaxing body and eventually you feel connected with mind and body in achieving the vitality.


  • Aromatherapy – Lymphatic and pressure point massage techniques are applied with deep nourishing aromatic vegetable oil. It not just promote psychological or physical wellbeing but also spiritual wellness is attended by the recipient.


  • Balinese Massage – It is a holistic treatment of deep tissue involving acupressure, aromatherapy, reflexology and stretching. Sports injuries, muscle pain, joint pain, migraine, and joint pains are treated.


  • Deep Tissue Massage – It works deep to affected knots and knicks in regulating normal blow flow.


  • Lomi Lomi – It is synonymous to Hawaiian massage. It relaxes and soothes muscles with palms, elbow, and Prayer, intention, and warmth of grace are applied to let healing energy flow throughout your body.



Ayurvedic Spa Treatments


Following Ayurvedic dosha, intrinsic wellness regime is executed through different spa treatments tailored on client’s requirements. Abhyagnam is for full body touch and friction massage with aromatic herbal oil.  Shirodhara is a process of continuous pouring of medicinal oil on third eye position to distress and enhance concentration. Pizchil is body anoints process with herbal oil for strengthening immunity, lubricating joints, and liquefying toxin. Potli massage with medicinal boluses is extremely pain relieving. Udavartanam is for slimming therapy. Akshitarpanam is for eye purification. Basti is strategic pain relief therapy, especially for the paraspinal area. Ayush is an ancient healing procedure.


Body Scrubs With Special Spa Rituals


Kaya kalp is a special spa involving body scrub, moisturizing, massage, facial and overall therapies for wellbeing. Javanese lulur ritual is a romantic luxury body elixir, especially for would-be-brides. Balinese boreh ritual is to heat, rehydrate and then heal stress.


Spot Therapy


For busy bees who want to focus on a specific area of body pain can be relaxed with spot therapy by stimulating pressure points. Back, head, foot, hand therapies are structured accordingly to relax specific stressed and tense muscles.


FacialsSpa Gift Voucher


Mukhdikhai or facial is a special focus for all of us as the face is the beauty symbol. With natural ingredients facial regime is conducted to stimulate healing ability, deep cleaning, moisturizing and face therapies. Anti-aging and radiance brightness are two special program that can add to your facial beauty and well being.


So you are just a step away in exploring a world of extreme pleasure in well being and stress relief with Blue Terra. Connect with us today and get the best of Mother Nature.



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